Tuesday, 20 February 2018

About "Karmic Kids"

"I have read your blog" - every once in a while someone (new) that I meet tells me. Of course I am super surprised always, I have been really quite bad about maintaining this space. Years and years ago, when I first started out, my buddy told me that the activity could be hard to sustain. I assured him I would be fine, 'cause I am an idea monster. I still am. I have many thoughts, ideas, plans, but also many distractions, and work, and way more hats to wear than I could have imagined.

Anyway, I am back now, and that is what counts, right? And I am back for a good reason, I assure, to review a book!  I am reading almost exclusively on the kindle now, 'cause my eyes decided to fold in the microsecond I turned 40, and as my daughter won't hesitate to tell you, I can keep it to a word a page type font setting on the kindle.

A few weeks ago, I finally bought Kiran Manral's umpteenth book, Karmic Kids (the story of parenting nobody told you!). It's a quick, breezy read, even as it compresses 10 rich years of the bringing up of her son, the one we knew well enough as "the brat" back in the days when blogging was furious all around!

I found myself re-living all those days in Mumbai, as I read through the captivating book. The early years of motherhood, when we compared notes and found ourselves nodding in sympathy at each other's travails. The later years, when it wasn't all "cute" what the kids (her brat, my monster) were unleashing upon us, but the sisterhood made us feel like we weren't alone. The memories came flooding back as I read without pause.

Although I have a feeling us "older" mothers will enjoy this book for nostalgia reasons, it has that distilled wisdom (without being overly preachy and scarily prescriptive like some of those other parenting books - I still shudder when you say "Ferber", by the way), that young parents will appreciate. It is pretty no-nonsense about dealing with various aspects of parenting, including the tough bits, and, at the end you are left feeling in control and happy! 

Read it, you will fall in love with parenting all over again!