Monday, 5 October 2015

A little Fluid Mechanics never hurt anyone

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Basically, I had this awesome idea for my class tutorial last week. I mean, idea to describe the problem in a non-boring way (I thought). I used SmartArt and everything and made 96 copies (yes, seriously), and went in all superbly enthusiastic and all. Well, you know how it goes, I was the only one excited.

So when I thought about it I figured today was my chance to make sure I clarified why I had asked all that stuff in the tutorial. I prepped for it carefully and sketched the problem - which is something I ask them to do every time, they do, sometimes. And at the end when we got to the final solution things I was looking for, I found myself saying 'Basically I wanted you to recognise that This plus That Plus That Other Thing gives you ... the Final Answer we seek'

Then I hit myself on the head and wore my new reading glasses and called the attendance. Yes, you read that right, I have these new glasses that are extremely geeky looking. I am sort of proud of them. Particularly 'cause they increase my ability to see things very nicely.

The child seems to have finally come out of her stomach ache - head ache - eyebrow ache - whine whine whine phase and now we are fighting about what we usually fight about, food. Let the battles begin, I say. Has to be better than watching her become thinner. Motherhood is all about this, or that, or this plus that, I suppose.

I had to google the pronunciation of Poisseuille. And the spelling. I still don't get either. Uff, these French things are tough on me! English is so much easier now that I have memorised the whole deal about its vs. it's. Plus, I have never been confused about loose/lose so I win, generally.

Remember I said I had good photos from my trips to Mysore/Bandipur/Coonoor? Well, it turns out I don't. The crested thingammy bird looks like leaves. The hare had darted before I clicked. The Sambar deer looked just like a distant speck of brown on the bank of the water hole. And I myself couldn't find the elephants... So that's that. Seriously the iPhone camera is horrid.

G'night then, bloggy friends