Saturday, 21 September 2013

That Little House

I can only presume this of course, but the 'Chinna Veedu' has to be more exciting than the original one, right? Like a mistress compared to a wife.

I am writing at this site till December or so, it is all about running and runners and things like that. Plus it has other contributors going on there. So a lot more activity than at this blog, for now.

Maybe you will hang out there with me? Till I come back here?

The Wipro Chennai Marathon Blog

While you are at it, do let me know if you are coming to run in our marathon. Will be lovely to say hi. I am the short person with Back-To-The-Future Wala Professor's hair.

I want to, meanwhile, jealously guard my stuff here, and somehow figure out how to finish up all those posts in drafts. And of course, I may come periodically with exciting news of one or other sort.

Till Then!