Tuesday, 5 January 2016

New Year 2016

Resolutions 2015 2016

I guess it's as good a time as any other to talk about all this stuff. What happened in 2015. What to look forward to in 2016. Stuff like that. Maybe in bullet points? In images? In nice colours? Let's see.


  • Moved to a new office. It has blinds. But the door lock doesn't work properly. I like it. 
  • None of my MS/PhD scholars graduated. Didn't feel like attending convocation.
  • Taught my usual two theory courses and ploughed through a new laboratory class. Was hectic.
  • Child moved schools. Adjusted well. Made friends as well. Grew extra attitude. 
  • Child started basketball, quit music, reduced swimming, grew to my height, wears all my clothes. Is frustratingly lovable and annoying all at once. 
  • Changed tactics with running, avoided all races, tried to train for one race, got injured. Don't regret anything, learned a lot, moved back to Nikes. 
  • Enjoyed all the geeking out on nutrition and so forth. Did lots of home workouts as well. Feel in a good place generally with exercise and fitness. 
  • Read a decent number of books including a recent in-depth foray into Agatha Christie (with child). Marple or Poirot, Poirot or Marple, jury is still out. 
  • Watched a lot of TV (mindless stuff, admittedly) this year. After spending so many years avoiding it, it has been relaxing. Worried about age appropriateness of Modern Family (for child). 
  • Broke my iPhone. Felt devastated. Bought new one. Not happy with it. Need to bide my time. 
  • Went on a dumb-ass vacation weekend to Fish Cove. Food sucked. Swimming was fun. 
  • Went on a trip to Mysore, Bandipur and Coonoor. The last one sucked. 
  • Went on a fab trio to Ooty and played and walked and trekked and ran. Was great fun. 
  • Did the 100SareePact with much enthu. Hit saree wearing PB time of 12 mins. :)
  • Child was on a series of stomach ache, fever, viral fever, head ache, routine for a couple of months. Frustrating and I have to yet get her immunisation thingie done which is postponed. 
  • Did a billion things for Chennai & running & so forth. Beginners programs. Running form workshops. Lectures. Marathon organisation. Interviews everywhere. Busy as hell.
  • Survived 4 full days of no power at home. Lived in fear. All old suppressed fears of water have resurfaced. Felt like a different person after we emerged from the Chennai Floods hole. 
  • The December 13th Clean Chennai campaign was wonderful (even if I stressed immensely for it). Hope we can do more. Slowly maybe people's attitudes will improve. 

  • Remember: Clean up starts at home (& office)
  • Delegate better
  • Get more sleep
  • Train hard for London
  • Finish book
  • Get household jobs completed
  • Make some investments
  • Blog
Well that's that from me. I leave with this photo of me that I think says a lot. PC: Hari from Chennai Trekking Club (I think). Taken on December 13th at Kotturpuram during our massive city-wide cleanup initiative.