Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Absolute Shorty

We took this photo a month or so ago. I got so dejected at being the absolutely shortest person in the family that I invested in a pair of heels. It was long overdue, for sure. Thankfully, nowadays there are wedges that one can wear somewhat comfortably, not having to recourse to "Sky High Heels" as I see them referred to, is definitely a great thing, considering my loose ankles. 

The teen was cracking up at my feeble attempts to look bigger, stronger, older, & what not. As we were getting ready to leave one night for a dinner with a couple of friends (Yeah, 'tis true, I wear jeans as if my life itself depends on it. I switch between older pairs for work and newer ones for going out), I dragged out my new footwear. 

The teen pounced on it and wore it. It's a clear 3in. heel, which could put me in fighting range of being of "normal" height - though the effect is somewhat mitigated by the towering-ness of the 185cm tall guy next to me. We decided to take a photo as #lifegoals for her, while she was wearing the heels. She hopes to grow to this height. It puts her a clear half foot above me, and at least within "earshot" of her father. 

Anyway now I have accepted that all these people will tower over me, heels or not. My best bet is to go stand next to my mom - or my aunts for that matter. And you know, I am quite happy that the kid is (most likely) not going to be the disembodied voice emerging from behind the stage podium in public speech situations...