Monday, 15 December 2008

Why I Need To Have A Day Job

There are several reasons why close family members and friends are better off when I have a day job. The list could run to several pages. Leading contenders are - I am domestically challenged (despite frequent claims to the contrary); I have wheels in my feet (which is household metaphor for a person who likes to be out of the house a lot at slightest excuse); There are not enough books in the world (actually there are plenty of books but one is bound to run out of money at some point); and so on.

Well just to irritate and annoy, I will now proceed to make a list of really random Bollywood and related gossip that is stored in my head.

(1) Shah Rukh Khan loves to play soccer with his son (but strangely, not his daughter)
(2) Saif's kids names are Sarah and Ibrahim (of course with Amrita Singh)
(3) Akshay Kumar's original name is Rajiv Bhatia
(4) Arshad Warsi is an excellent dancer; and married to Maria Goretti; and father of Zeke Zidaan; who can be identified as he is attached to hip of his mother usually
(5) Akshaye Khanna is borlerline alcoholic (which is like the pot calling the kettle ..; at any rate don't tell him I said so he loses his temper easily)
(6) Ash Chandler has a passion for bikes (and if you don't know funny man and occasional musician Ash; well that is not my problem buddy. He sings Tamizh songs too BTW)
(7) Cyrus Broacha is a big time lover and protector of dogs
(8) Priyanka Chopra had a big time falling out with her secretary Prakash Jaju
(9) Harman Baweja (while we are on the topic) may or may not have had plastic surgery done to make him look like that
(10) Priyanka Chopra can be referred to as Piggy Chops without loss of generality
(11) Govinda has a last name, he really does, it is Ahuja (I knew this well before OSO so take that Farah)
(12) Farah Khan and Sajid Khan are siblings as one can easily tell from the resemblance; although one sincerely hopes that in his time Sajid does not pop triplets
(13) Shiney Ahuja is a man (apparently)
(14) It IS Yana Gupta on the Kingfisher flight with you
(15) Tanaaz Lal was Currim and is now Irani (maybe not exactly Bollywood although she was there in some Hrithik Roshan flick if memory serves)
(16) Bebo and Lolo are actually the names of, not dogs that Cyrus rescued, but Kapoor sisters Kareena and Karishma, respectively

Enough! I have to stop!

I am not googling any of this stuff up. I am not even thinking too hard as I type, which can be cited as another reason why I need to have continuous meetings and the like. As a good friend asks me when I go into serious Bollywood mode, Do your remember the title of your thesis? (Well, I do of course, sort of... Sometimes I even know that one of my favourite articles occurs on Page 1331)

I really would like to watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi but can picture how the husband will wince at the thought. So I have to patiently wait for the next time I take an international flight; make sure it is on Air India; and pray fervently that they play that movie.

I have to go elevate the damn foot so am off. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.


Serious Lounger said...

did you try and kick my bro's backside to make him work.. doesnt work - know a lot of people who broke their toes on his backside (and mine too).. and yeah, interesting dope on bollywood - you seem to be seriously into it.. meetings do you good - am girding the loins for a trip to nation beyond the pond - dreading it as usual..

Babbi said...

A lot of un-kbpm-ish info here.. this is like junk food for brain! Btw.. Rab ne Bana Di Jodi isnt all that great.. tho SRK is.
I started reading HP series again out of desperation - there are not enough books in this world!

choxbox said...

Very enlightening indeed.

kbpm said...

i still cannot forget a ride in a qualis many years ago when i had to sit between you brothers. in the middle seat. gosh. uff.
land of toilet paper! woohoo! my single piece of advice to you - pack your belt in your checked baggage. seriously.

good one. junk food for the brain. and no, it is not at all un-kbpm-ish. i am and onion. whorls and whorls (and deep inside, there is aaah NOTHING!). HP. ugh. blah.

take notes baby. :-)

dipali said...

What happened to the foot?
We enjoyed Rab Ne... though it was a bit tedious in places.

choxbox said...


Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? Did you injure yourself?

As for the bollywood gossip, I would try and throw out some of that stuff you wrote. See, NK knows trivial stuff like who is Raveen Tandoon's bhabhi or something like that..And I always say who cares. I am going to go down your list and then check what he knows..Will get back with answers.. :)

PS:Thanks for the openid--I typed s instead and it was openis..rofl

kbpm said...

exactly the type of stuff i know! i should exchange notes with him sometime when we interesect in same city!

yeah did something to it its OK now. Rab Ne.. i just thought it sounded light but as always i will end up reading everyone's reviews and not actually watching the movie. oh well in any case SRK trying to act (sorry Babbi!) can be a bit much, depending on frame of mind.

PG said...

kenny - good job! dont even know half of that stuff! there was a time when i knew everything about bollywood - thanks to Time of India and their irerestible catchy headlines - I hated them for successfully catching my attention every time but I read them anyway. I knew more about bollywood and cricket than I knew about my subject at work!