Friday, 19 December 2008

I do struggle to wake up sometimes

I am off today to Chennai. I am yet to pack the bags. The child and I are, of course travelling by ourselves - which is kind of fun; simply because we reach so much in advance (and go to the bookstore and coffee shop in turn) and sometimes there are incidents involving (a)spilling of her lunch on airport floor or (b)having to go potty soon after the boarding announcement is made, and so on.

I tried and tried to wake up early so I could do the packing and clean up the house a bit but to no avail. The thing is I suppose I am a bit of a freak that way and if it involves exercise I am happy to spring up. But for other things I am not so fond of waking up early, it appears.

The foot it still hurts. I can feel myself gaining weight. Ugh. Trying to not think about how close to Jan 18th we are right now. And definitely not telling my mum about this as she will start messing with me about how 21 kms is too much considering the other components of my life (and no slur on your abilities, she will add). Just to clarify I am not bothered about the weight gain except that the bigger you are the more difficult it is to run. Goddamit. I feel like cutting my foot off. Quite irritated about the whole set-back. My shoulder is still painful in certain angles. Recovery times are becoming very long of late. Age!

I am still not rested, despite having woken up recently today. The brain is buzzing. At least I indulged myself in a nice new desktop at work so my laptop vows should reduce. And the VAIO is really super light so when I carry it I will be glad its not my old Toshiba (which weighed a lot). At any rate I have about two hours of work I can do in the office today and then it is time to move on. The child has its Christmas party in school.

I went through my mound of ironing last night (mostly). I had to put my knees up on a chair and stand like that and iron. Sort of sad and pathetic I felt about it. But the girl co-operated at least by finishing the LARGE amount of home work they have assigned her (mostly). You know sometimes you get a report card and everything is sort of opposite of what you expect? Well it was like that with my UKG report card (it really feels as if it is MINE!). My mum says congratulations, let no one accuse you of neglecting your child for the sake of your career or other things, because you really really do NOT do that. It does occasionally feel like a pain, this school business, but overall it has been good. While I disliked the Hindi homework initially, now I feel it was good as it has helped her learn the new alphabet pretty well. I am trying to get her to read Hindi now, you know signs on the autos and stuff, but she resists it immensely (its a matter of perseverence, she always resists my suggestions initially, I know, I know).

Anyway I am off now, and looking forward to meeting choxbox and ludwig and hopefully sloch as well. When I return to these climes, I will be again gearing up for another trip to the Northern parts of the country. But more on that later. My aim in this trip is to get the foot back in fighting shape, and, not gain any more weight.


Airspy said...

mine gets homework once in two weeks and still i end up doing it, bcos it is so boring to write mundane letter patterns over and over again. so it only fair that i view her report card as my own.

Parul said...

Have a great time in Chennai and hi to Choxbox from my side too.

Homework? ***k, I thought I was done with that for life. I am guessing not.

Hope foot is back in shape in time for the run.

PG said...

you gals have a good time at iit.

dipali said...

Have a wonderful trip with the monster. And look after that foot:)

kbpm said...

stop it. dont do its homework. and we missed you girl.

yeah. homework comng out of our ears. be warned.

yes dear. it was fun. wish more of you were there.

thanks, she was good. and foot feels mostly good!