Friday, 26 December 2008

Cancellations Galore

If I had some amount of money for every time I cancel a train ticket I would be super rich (not that I am not now, as I was saying recently, in my heart I am rich, because of my heart that overflows. My friend the Khan girl laughed. I was serious. She is an investment banker. Dark dark people they are). I painstakingly found seats on the trains, narrowed it down to one or two choices of train to optimise other factors, clicked through the irctc site (nice, no complaints), and even printed out my e-ticket (bad move). Then our plans changed dramatically and I went back and cancelled one of the two tickets (wasted print out). Then our plans changed some more and I went back and cancelled the other one too (double wasteful). Just like I had booked a nice set of tickets for Bangalore-Mysore several months ago and the husband insisted on driving the Indigo. This time it is the Delhi-Chandigarh train. All these cancelled tickets are there in my history of bookings in the web-page. Maybe I should put these into the time capsule, here, this is my history of cancelled train tickets since 2006, I think it might be worth something for posterity.


Serious Lounger said...

ah, dont worry kbpm, the irctc site takes care of your worries by losing your history completely every once in a while - i have lost money due to it - can even find moi ticket on the site you know.. and yeah, it is nice, but i think i will stick to good old paper tickets - atleast i know i can cancel them :D :P..

dipali said...

Ah, but are you going to C-garh?
Life (or the husband person)teaches us that reservations are often made to be cancelled(:

Anonymous said...

I thought that site was the best thing ever. When we were here, got our tickets booked for Delhi-Bhopal-Delhi and there was no extra charge for using a cc.
So are you charged for cancelled tickets or do they give a refund?