Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Different Strokes

The past few days have been full of revelations and the like. Posting it all here helps clarify and crystallise things in my mind. So here goes.

* Had a meeting with a whole of mommy bloggers (and some very interesting non-bloggers as well). It was most fun and I was really reluctant to leave, as if I had gotten clay feet. Hope it happens again soon, there are lots of things to talk about, and really, I would love to meet the little ones.

* From a young person I heard this pearl of wisdom regarding schools. He says, it is a nice thing to go to a good well established school at least in 8th Standard + so you have a good peer group and a start building your network early. It makes sense of course. Very wise and all. But it is such an annoying premise.. I think.. though I am a geek, what do I know

* In any random work-type meeting these days, I find instant connect with at least one person being a serious runner (not that I am that serious a runner or anything, but I like to talk as if I were). We compare stats and so on (I usually pale in comparison to these people in terms of timing but I have my handy list of excuses so it is all good). Mostly, these are our good friends the Americans, from various parts of that great country.

* December has been way too busy; it is supposed to be my chilled out month. I have to break out right away lest it become like last year. We spent all of December here in Mumbai. Did nothing constructive; barely took time off; and when the New Year 2008 rolled around, no one in the household was in shape to receive it and welcome it warmly. I have fifteen days to ensure this is not repeated.

* I cannot not go to Chandigarh after all. I feel too guilty about not going. And come to think of it, this is a city I have always wanted to visit. In a true demonstration of love, the husband has offerred to come along so here I come good old C'Garh. Again I have to act fast since train (which is the best sounding option to get there) tickets are miraculously still to be had.

* I really love basketball. Although I has proved to be a most injurious sport to the family as a whole. Every year in December, the basketball bug bites (hey! nice alli), and every year, I succumb to it and have these war wounds to show for it. Last year it was the mysterious toe thing. This year so far has yielded one ankle sprain (which I cured with some good old icing and a masterful tying of the crepe bandage) and an aggravation of another mysterious sprain on the outside of the foot. I got it in my Sunday run; and it became horrid after the evening basketball; but Rs.1000 later the doc has been encouraging. But this Saturday is another game which I know I cannot resist playing; I just hope luck favours me better (and I have time to buy new shoes).

* When training, the most important body part to train is of course the mind. The most difficult too. I think my years of losing games has been most demoralising. And my years of being the fastest runner amongst mediocre runners has not given me much towards longer distance running. My Phd has also not contributed much. The most valuable experience has been motherhood, in these terms. One just has to learn to be smart and positive and perseverent as a mother. Good. I knew this had to be worth something!

* I have to find a way to avoid classic self-interruption. I typically need lots of things going on simultaneously. In graduate school there would be music and scheduled games in the afteroon, weather permitting. In college there was always a crossword or college culturals or what not. Now I have this blogging going on. In addition to a variety of work things and the child. But I have to focus on winding up some loose pieces of work without distraction. I know part of it is that I am just too tired from it all, not had a real break and vacation in a while, but excuses are annoying.

* I am sick of dust. I am sick of construction activity. But I am in the thick of it (is that not a song. oh yes, it is. I am sick of love, but I am in the thick of it. Dylan Saab). This is one thing I really miss. Although my flat in Cambridge was on the bus route and had its fair share of dust, it is nothing compared to what I get in my office and the home.

* It has been ages since I did something about my Iron tablets. Thankfully the vaguely swirly feeling in the head is gone now and I am not un-energetic or anything, and, the hair fall seems somewhat under control, but other vague things are happening,

Over and out.


Parul said...

Soul Sistah!! (given to random displays of excitement, need to be told to sit down and stay)

- I have been thinking of taking my iPod along too. Haven't decided on a playlist though in my case it is likely to be a lot of heavy metal. You?

- Need to buy new shoes, not sure if will be able to break them in properly. POV?

- Should totally meet up again.

- Monster from Middle Earth is goooood!

Long comment. Will buzz off now.

choxbox said...

i'll slip into mommy mode and say this - eat your iron tabs.

kbpm said...

you dont want to know my play list. Dylan & Floyd most likely. (Ugh kya?).
Too late for new shoes IMHO.
Should meet! Missed the little one.
Oh yeah I love those hairy creatures.

Yes da. Never seem to remember these important things in life. Thanks.