Thursday, 18 December 2008

How strange this concept of time

I have been sitting around on my backside the whole week. I have not had a bit of real exercise. Somehow the need to go to the gym or run or kick box are the only reasons I will get out of the house early in the morning. Not for me the stepping out and smelling the dew and hob-nobbing with the morning birds and so on. I used to do such things as soon as my exams finished back in my school days but not any more. These days I finish my morning kitchen related tasks and sit my ever-growing backside down at the computer. Dwelling only briefly on the thought that there is ironing to do (there ALWAYS is).

In essence, I have this time on my hands now. I am awake. I have always been an alarmingly bright morning person. I used to wake up at 5:30 (well before the rest of the household) even back when I was a slip of a girl in pig-tails and a green uniform. It was fine, I never felt grouchy or angry or irritated at having to wake up early. I enjoyed it all. College broke a bit of the habit though the first class being at 8 am consistently ensured I was out of bed at 6:45 except on weekends when I made it just in time for the Dosa breakfast usually. In grad school I always prided myself on taking the first bus in to work. It has only been recently that I have switched back to my exercise in the morning routine. Circumstances and the culture of the place prevented me from indulging in it up to now, about four years ago. One day I hit myself on the head and realised that this was what was missing. Strangely, it happened around the time my mum made me read some Robin Sharma book (The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari - Ugh! - I glanced through only parts of it frankly). So mum thinks that meditating on the rose is the reason I wake up early. Oh well.

So I have a good chunk of alert time in the mornings now. I KNOW I must utilise it fruitfully. Some days I do. I do some tasks around the house. Or I study a little bit if there is a class to teach. But I rarely do anything more serious than that. Although I stress about how much I have to read in the next couple of days (and, more importantly, write, in the next couple of weeks), I cannot get myself to do much about it. That is for the office, when I am sitting down marvelling at the dust that has accumulated on my delicate electronic items (and cursing my fucking irritating VAIO. Seriously. I feel I might break it one of these days).

On Sundays I usually make a list of things that I like to do. I mean really like, not just tolerate. So if my entire time was filled with liked activities what would it be like. Mostly it involves my two homies, hanging out without fighting with them, at least two sessions of exercise, one by myself (really they both make me reduce my intensity) and one more with them (I allot them the evening slot in my mind), beer (not too much, just a bit, to build up my heart health), puzzles (once my semester ended and my irritation levels with younger people reduced, I find myself increasingly attracted by the Rubik's Cube, Kaleidoscope, Sudoku, and what not), reading, computering, so on.

If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save everyday till eternity passes
Just to spend them with you

(not my own of course).

something like that. Though I don't want to save anything. Get it all over with. The year 2008 has almost wound down now. It has been a leap year. I like leap years generally (no real reason). Nice things have happened. Horrendous things have happened. Births and deaths and love and hate in equal measure. And personally, I have ridden the usual sinusoidal curve thats life with much better attitude I do think. There have been times of absolute highs (and not necessarily induced by spirits; those don't count especially since the hang overs are worse than ever as I age), and somewhat rock bottom lows. And out of the highs I have emerged with confidence that yes, I can do this. Out of the lows I have extracted some pieces of that elusive purpose of life puzzle. But mostly, I have calmly and collectedly allowed the sands of time to pour down.

I am ready for 2009. Bring it on.


PG said...

i was going to commen thow religiously you post something on your blog. and here i read you waking up at 5.30 since you have been a child. give me some tips - i have been trying to wake up at that time for sometime now. summers i can manager. now, the alarm rings, and i find all reasons to stay in bed:(

Airspy said...

PG, come home to your bglr. I am extremely lucky to have the perfect solutiont to wake up early, everyday including sundays and independence days. My home helper. Rain or shine, chill or heat she is at my doorstep ringing the bell at 5:45 am. Unlike some folks who would snuggle back under the covers after opening the door i do not. I would die of guilt.

kbpm...happy 2009. We were planning to be in mumbai during christmas-new year, but the recent events....are putting a cloud over the plans... not to mention the spouses sudden work load. the kids are very upset though.

Ludwig said...

> I have not had a bit
> of real exercise.

Liar! Confess that sending 7.54 million SMSes yesterday has strengthened your fingers to the consistency of steel!



kbpm said...

please come please come. should not change plans due to 'recent events' surely? if husb. is busy you guys come no?

kbpm said...

hush. chup. Gastrointestinal.

dipali said...

I love mornings too, but end up going to bed late, and so am brain-dead for much of the time.
I pray that 2009 be good for everyone, and peaceful, if that's at all possible for a year to be.

choxbox said...

Airspy, come off as Kenny says da. I'll be there.

Kenny, why kick VAIO? Been working good for a while now.

Anonymous said...

5.30a/m seriously what time do you go to bed then?

Hey I used that Bollywood list on spouse and he apparently knew quite a bit. And then asked me random questions which I do not know the answers to.He asked, are you testing me or trying to impress me with knowledge that everyone knows(about Kareena and Karishma's nicknames..he said everyone knows that except me)
Then I acted all mature-like and said I can speak Mandarin...can you?

kbpm said...

i sleep early 10-11 latest.
& yes bebo lolo is very very common knowledge. even my husband knows it. but its still funny that grown women will allow themselves to be called that in print media.

see there you have me. i cannot speak Mandarin. :-( :-(

Anonymous said...

By "you" I meant that I was telling my husband and not trying to show off to you, Kenny.:)

Have asafe trip. hoepfully the monster-child will not need to poop or pee when the boarding begins

PS: You will always be Kenny to me even if I meet you irl, I will not imagine using your real name.Kenny suits you :)

Serious Lounger said...

well, i thought lelo was also poo or was it in a movie.. kewl, the seal pup ensures i am awake by 6 AM these days, sometimes earlier than that.. snuggle up to him - he has the general proportions of a cuddly toy - after giving him his morning milk..