Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I knew December 14th was something

I could not tab it. There was something about that date. It was bound to come back to me a few days later and I would be all 'DOH! Cannot believe I forgot THAT' and so on. Naturally I assumed it was something v.v. important such as:
(a) Birthday of close family person who is prickly on such matters
(b) Something in the kid's school
(c) Something at work (in which case it would be fine, it would not matter, all work that I postpone seems to just go away Yeah!)
and so on.

Racked my brains all day. Racked them some more the next day. And some more today. Till it finally occurred to me.

I have been thinking meanwhile, assuming my foot gets better and all that, that I will wear my IPOD to the Mumbai Marathon this year. Every year I suffer after my running partners break away from me at the 10 or 14 k mark. Pedder road happens after that. And then its all crappy. I suppose if I had music at that time it would be helpful. At any rate there is no traffic and all. And I tested it out, despite the immense sweat it seems to work fine. It was this completely un-related thought that finally reminded me of it. DOH! How could I forget that!

This blog is two years old now. It was started one relaxed December day back in 2006. The date was the 14th. The post was on running (of course I was trying to be all hippy about it and urging you to try it without gizmos but seriously..).

I thank my readers and lurkers (I don't know that you are lurking unless you tell me, yeah I am a bit challenged in such ways). I am glad to have this little space to vent and rant and I just LOVE hearing your comments all of you.

Just a couple of clarifications:
1. I KNOW the kid hardly seems like a monster, if you don't like that species of animal. But I like monsters. I think they are cute and likely to eat Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. Like the gnomes, brownies, elves, pixies and so on that were my standard diet (to READ for heaven's sake) till I found out about Hobbits. Small, cute, and cuddly, with just a bit of bite, thats how I look at them. And at any rate although she is all cool and smug now its airspy who came up with this term for children.
2. The Kenny blah blah has no particularly relevant significance, though the husb. does call me Kenny to date. Its based on a nasty cartoon character in "South Park" - a little tiny kid with an orange jacket who is famous for looking very innocent but saying really nasty things including things about body parts and so on. And of course Kennebunkport is a place (I have never been there though I have lived close by for several years).
3. I barely ever lie; exaggerate in an obvious manner perhaps, but I do never lie.
4. I really should go away now. Gak. Its 11:22.


Perakath said...

Kenny doesn't speak intelligibly! He's famous for being killed in every episode.

kbpm said...

quite right. you got it. the thing is that you never know what a bunch of drunk grad students will come up with. and its damn hard to live such a thing down so its best to carry it forward into adulthood.
in my defense, i speak somewhat intelligibly, considering my line of work and what not.

dipali said...

Congratulations! It's been great reading your blog.

choxbox said...

delurking to say hi.

PG said...

congrats! two years is a long good time.

kbpm said...



huh yeah. makes one feel old. or not.

Airspy said...

Thank you for the confessions. Do you really mean you havent lied at all in these pages?

Ah, but you say Exaggeration..! My calendar of long ago etched this bit of Khalil Gibran in my mind..."An exaggeration is a truth that has lost its temper".

Keep up the great work!

kbpm said...

of course i dont lie. are you quoting Gibran at me. Ouch!

Vanessa said...

kbpm - monster is a species of an Animal? :)

kbpm said...

of course! it has teeth and disgusting eating habits and an annoying voice

Serious Lounger said...

kbpm congrats - it does mean that my blog shd be completing three years in feb - and well, i havent exactly been setting it on fire with my posts - 50 odd in three years, which is pretty bad.. duh! anyways.. congrats on the completion of the second anniversary and may the third anniversary bring forth a better world :D :P.. and the monster is really cute - the brats are too, but ye know they are male and hence prone to adrenaline and testosterone enhanced stuff from the time they are 0.5 years old.. more later..