Saturday, 15 August 2009

Rain Ruined Morning

Its a good thing when it rains here. Its a splendid thing, in fact. Yesterday was SO hot that some rain today is definitely not amiss at all. So, last night when I woke briefly at 3:30 (why? why does this happen to me?) and realised it was raining, I was partially happy. Partially. Because we had planned to run early this morning, and if it was raining at that time it was unlikely to be dry enough for it. Not that we have not gone in the rain before, we have. I don't run in the rain in Mumbai, because that is sort of too much volume, but Chennai rains are nowhere near as ferocious. They are mild younger sisters (like me). So yeah, have run in Chennai rains before.

Woke up bright in the morning. Took my stuff out of the bedroom (so as to not disturb my sleeping homies). Brushed. Boiled Milk. Made coffee. Opened out new coffee. Pondered on how to get in touch with ludwig, considering his phone situation. Guns and I exchanged several messages and calls. Some more messaging. Put in the insert in the soles that I bought in the US in May. Its supposed to provide support for my arches (I have flat feet, and pronate a bit). We were going to run long so I figured its time to use it. I changed into my running shorts and tee. Checked myself out in the bathroom mirror (by the process of standing on a little step stool) to see if my tummy was showing (We don't have a dresser or a long mirror, somehow never bothered about it). Examined my bra to see if it had lost any elasticity. It had not, so it saved me the bother of walking back up to the bedroom. I pottered. Read a page of Harry Potter too, while at it. Wore my garden chappal and tested the road and looked knowingly at the sky (looked super dark and cloudy and belched out a few thunders and lightnings while I was doing that).

Finally, cancelled the run. Guns has ominously declared 'I am going back to sleep now, we can run sometime during the day' Its unlikely to work for me. I have duties. Plus the child to hang with. Plus some work which I am unlikely to get to do. Veggie shopping. Cook has declared herself sick (I don't believe her) but that means, cooking. Did I say I love cooking? I do. But my repertoire is shrinking. Which is fine since the husband is just awesome that way. He likes simple foods with lots of coloured vegetables thrown in. I am good at making that. There is some satisfaction in seeing food that I cooked fully consumed and the dish relinquished to the sink. This was last night.

So what if I could not run as planned today? I relaxed, checked my emails. Read a few blog posts. Hung out downstairs, amazed at how dark the sky is (still). The maid showed up. I know I should get up and sort through the piles of puzzles and books the monster has left in her wake. I know I should do something about Independence Day. Should Go Now. As In Now.


choxbox said...

happy independence day!

dipali said...

Sounds like a great morning, despite missing your run!
How was the rest of the day?
Happy Independence Day.

Perakath said...

Do you regularly examine your bras like so?

wordjunkie said...

Hey, that was my morning exactly. Only tea instead of coffee.

Diwakar Sinha said...

Yeah same here. Almost everyday I wake up, its raining and jogging gets cancelled.
And then I go back to sleep.