Friday, 28 August 2009

Back in Class

I was to go to the monster's class today. It is parent observation week in school. Awesome idea eh? Well, I sure think so, 'cause you leave the monkey in the gates at like 8:10 and till 2:30 when you go back to bring it back home, so many things could have happened. Now was the chance to figure out what all those things were.

So there I was, in the back of the class, perched on a blue stool like chair.

& This week already I attended another class (as a student, or rather, as discerning audience). That was at 8 pm. Yes. pm. It was fun. We had to do major juggling to make it happen.
6:15 Monster & I reach home, and fight.
6:40 I feel faint and request cook to make me some dosas.
6:42 - 7:27 Monster spends in bathroom.
7:30 Husband returns home.
7:32 I start shoving food in monster's mouth.
7:46 I leave home
8:05 Rest of students start trickling into classroom
9:15 I leave the class & head home
9:34 I wake up husband who has fallen asleep with his glasses on
9:49 He leaves home to go back to work

I have lost my student-ness. I forget to take in a crossword puzzle to solve in class. When allowed, I tend to sit in the front rows, since I cannot hear too well in the back. I feel excited (and not alarmed) when exams (they are called worksheets. they were four pages long. they had a crossword in there though!). I don't watch the clock every two minutes hoping for miraculous occurrences. I don't find myself thinking 'What the heck is s/he going on about?' I don't dream of a bright future filled with joy. I (for the most part) listen to what they are saying and try to synthesize the information into logical wholes.

Its just not the same, no.


choxbox said...

:) hats off to you guys. amzing jugglers youa re.

and, how about handing out crossword puzzles at the end of every tute sheet?!

kbpm said...

cannot do it every time (i mean, it has to be relevant i think).
but was just thinking the same and trying to put one together just now for next week. thanks for the inspiration!!

artnavy said...

madras day related there is some run or is it over? starting at iit i thought. ...

dipali said...

You're all growed up!

asaaan said...

What did you and the monster fight about?

And the dh went back to work that late at night?

How did the monster's observation go? Its 8a/m and I am just sitting down with my chai with the older 3 gone and trying to make sense of your post!

kbpm said...

art- well no. but relatedly, there was the Terry Fox run this past sunday.

dipali- :-)

asaaan- dont remember, usual fight about her sandals or something I expect. why do my posts confuse you so?? pffft.
Of course he went back to work, for them, leaving work at 6 pm is equivalent to working half day. :-)