Thursday, 13 August 2009

I am here


In bullet points:

* Swine flu alerts everywhere. Local store out of hand sanitizer. Interesting experience trying to buy a mask from a person wearing a mask (I could not hear a word of what she was muttering). No, am not wearing a mask or anything.

* Laptop is dying. In reaction to the burning printer. Yes, I had a printer connected to my laptop. The printer burned. With smoke. I suppose it burned parts of the laptop with it. I have backup. I think.

* I don't have a desktop at work, which means that even if the school & creche were not closed, I would have to be home since I don't have a computer to work on at work (nice sentence eh?)

* Fucking Sony service store. I called. Idiot woman mutterred something and asked me to go to the service center. I said, the one in Adyar? Yes, she seemed to mutter. Except that that stupid store is closed today for Krishna Jayanthi, formerly known as Janmashtami (like blog, mind too has to make the Mumbai->Chennai transition). Ok, I am cussed out I suppose.

* Lab at 2; class at 4:45; child still eating spoon#2 of lunch.

To put it mildly, I cannot wait for the weekend. Which I hope brings something in the nature of relief.


choxbox said...

:) @ post name.

apple sucks too ya. esp'ly if you load videos of both your offspring's entire life this far. just ordered more RAM.

and, bet non-M will have a B.Tech degree by age 8.

dipali said...

I was wondering where you were. Hope the weekend brings you some relief:)

kbpm said...

also was just busy and so on since semester started.

what Btech ya. she was broadly OK, kids (meaning, the big boys who take my class) were not too distracted by her, but she does tend to walk around and stuff as I am talking. I tell you, its a pain.

choxbox said...

of course she'd walk around. what do you expect really?
you should see mine. the older kids esply the girls will fuss around her. she will want to saw and hammer and chisel. all okay as long as she doesnt injure herself, esply after the recent drama.

IBH said...

my laptop and phone conked at the same time!

and HP sucks! big time!

wordjunkie said...

Heres to a rocking weekend.

Chox.. hammer, chisel. what do you teach

Anonymous said...

I hope the weekend fixes your computer.

I cannt wait as well.

choxbox said...

@wj: appreciation of folks who work with their hands mainly.
making stools and chairs is a by-product.

kbpm said...

its fixed. plonked 6k.