Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Comment Crisis

So there is something absolutely strange going on at work network. Web-pages open. The network connections looks fine. Everything looks kosher. Then when I try to do something active (other than browse), like send emails, comment on blogs, it goes into a weird loop related to the proxy server. I can download content, but I cannot send an email. I have tried all nature of browsers now thinking it was outlook that was a problem or IE (I use a webmail thing on IE or FF for one of my email things); waited patiently for a bit and tried again, but more weird shit happened. Like I would try to open IE (WHY? you ask me. Well I was desperate and had enough of Safari and Opera and I have Firefox configured for another network and don't want to screw it up too much). It wanted to save a page when I tried IE. WTF? What page? I want a browser window dammit.

Anyhow, as a consequence, I am doing only essential stuff at work and I logged on from home to see if I could send out a few emails at least, which were semi-urgent. And yeah, I have not replied to your comments or commented on yours because I can't. Bear with me. I called a guy from the network admin place (I know, dorky, right). He said I am coming right over. That was like a thousand hours ago, you idiot. I did not even get a cup of coffee (anyway was not in the mood, but he does not need to know that) because I feared you would show up when I had gone.

I was just now going nuts as well since the WLAN at home was acting like it had PMS. I mean the signal was okay but no web-page could open. I tried to fix it using their repair thingammy (from Airtel) but it spewed garbage as usual and made me check my phone dial tone one billion times. And there were these green flashing circles all the time going on on the page. Most annoying.

Delhi airport is quite swank, eh? I went in and was thinking I was in LA. They have strollers to tie your kid down into; a kid's play zone; non-stinky, dry-floored bathrooms (which is not what I can say about Chennai. Don't know how we can make a brand new airport bathroom like that), lots and lots of shopping (if so inclined); a nice open structure; enough seating; temperature well maintained (which is not what I can say about, say Frankfurt. Always too damn cold); and at the end of the day what matters is the coffee costs the same as in Chennai (and of course, is almost as bad). Somehow it strongly reminded me of my crazy LA airport thing. You know, when I slept 24 hours straight and almost boarded the wrong flight because I was asleep and just followed some desi-looking critters. Here is what I used when in Delhis IG I Airport:
1. Chairs (nice)
2. Odyssey book store (bought copy of Tehelka; but touched many books)
3. Bathroom (of course)
4. Snooty Coffee place ("Do you have one rupee?" he asked; as he poured a lot of milk into a smidgen of coffee decoction)
5. Boarding gate 14. Which is right after 13. Where a hartal was going on. Which was due to delay of flight. Which in turn was due to late arrival of incoming aircraft. Which in turn was due to late arrival of aircraft incoming to previous location. Which was ultimately traced to the Pilot and Flight attendant indulging in some Mile High Action and forgetting to serve SRK in F-Class; Who in turn was sitting next to Dr.Kalam (unrecognisable as ex-president due to haircut).
5. I religiously stayed 1 m away from anyone who was wearing a green (or any other colour) mask. Even this one tall guy who *might* have been quite cute in a weird kind of perhaps-he-knows-the-password-for-airport-wireless-lan kind of way.

Yeah that is it. I spent two hours in there, wondering about the guy and the lan and cursing the coffee and generally working on this beautiful, dainty little machine, i.e. my Vaio (Hope it heard me and will succumb to the sucking up).

The homies were at a party when I returned to Chennai, and I hopped over too. Was nice to drink a beer and sort of calm down after the trip. Monster fell asleep at their place and we had to carry her which meant that the husb. carried her and I therefore carried his awful laptop bag, my TUMI on my back, the monster's school backpack, her after-school bag, and her sandals. Well, only up to the car, but still I hate having to have anything to do with his laptop bag. But a girl gotto do what she gotto do.


choxbox said...

whatta life you lead woman!

Anonymous said...

I was there last year, didnt think it was great.:) Maybe I am biased since Changi is the greatest airport ever.

Hope the WLAN get over their PMS soon...

Perakath said...

Hey I too was planning to write about Delhi IGI Terminal 1D, if I ever get around to writing another post, that is. We noticed the same things about it (chairs etc). But (unlike CHENNAI), wi-fi in IGI is free, so no password required. Good thing you stayed away from someone dumb enough to wear a mask, though.

That Airtel repair tool is absolute rubbish. It always tries to repair some stack overflow. Close it as soon as it opens. After the second time I had to call a technician to repair my Airtel broadband when it went down in Delhi, I memorized the steps he took to repair it and wrote down the various passwords he used. Hence I may be able to help next time your Airtel internet isn't working for more than 15 mins. Very simple.

Perakath said...

Btw, Asaaan, it's Delhi's new domestic terminal that Kenny is talking about, so you may not have seen it. And Dubai can give Changi a run for its money.

the mad momma said...

the airport does rather rock no?! and you didn tmeet me ?


choxbox said...

where are you kenny? read about faculty protests etc - you part of it?

kbpm said...

chox- am here. classes. no comments on protest stuff.

asaaan- i think Perakath is right.

Perakath & MM- Yeah, I mean, I just hope we dont make the bathrooms smelly (already this has happened in Chennai; Mumbai is OK).

Perakath- Ok will buzz. So far (crossing fingers), so good. If you have a solutio to my current mosquito problem, though....

MM- Next time was a crazy trip.

choxbox said...
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dimpy roy said...

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