Friday, 7 August 2009

Coffee Breaks

One goes to office for the coffee breaks, right? Well, I sure do (did). But in the past month, several things happened:

* Its a bit of a walk to coffee here
* I don't like to bother friend of mine who has access to closer coffee, she sounds busy
* I am trying to cut back on coffee, as my eyes are glowing red and my stomach does not feel great
* I should really be working more efficiently without taking long drawn out coffee breaks.

With all this in my mind, I am trying to avoid coffee breaks. As also, random blogging.

I am failing in both, pretty miserably.

In one case its a question of will power. In the other case, its a question of, well, will power. I have come up with some good excuses for my behavior lapses though, equally applicable to both

* My long lost friend! (well, plenty of those here. all of them fond of the drink. as in filter coffee. some even having famous blogs by that name, which is thankfully, not updated often enough for me to claim it as a legitimate expenditure of free time).
* What big deal work am I doing anyway! (No, really. I have to think and think and one has to be in the mood, Or I have to read, and one REALLY has to be in the mood to read what a bunch of stuck-up oldies have to say. Same ones who massacre whatever my kids and I write. Dammit. Starting to hate those guys. Coffee!!)
* I am falling asleep at my desk! (The day before, I went with a friend, ostensibly to discuss something with him, but we just gossiped and cribbed about everything and then I spilled coffee on myself. Had to hide inside my office the rest of the day, and of course, internet).
* I am hungry. Wah. (I bring dabbas to office. Don't want to eat them too early. I bring a snack too, like Tirupati Laddoos or Dried Figs. Imagine eating that instead of drinking coffee! But when I eat, gotto read something, eh?)
* My mobile died (?). (see, my mobile died. I was so stressed about that that I had to drink a bit of coffee and hang around a bit on the internet, to avoid spontaneously combusting. anyway the battery just ran out, thats all, but still)

Basically it comes down to a distinct lack of will power. The only recourse I have is to fight it with spirit. For which, I need, coffee.... Here I go...


Space Bar said...

:D i have one huge mug of coffee first thing and that's it. but that one had better be pretty damn good or my day's ruined.

any time you're short of reading material as time wasting tactic, drop me a line - I have plenty distractions up my seeve.

choxbox said...

whatever happened to that shack opp ad block (divya's kiosk?). that shouldn't be v far from your office - assuming its in MSB. unless you've got all hip and want only the new-fangled CCD types.

and some day not v far from here, all the stuck-up oldies will be replaced by types like you.

wordjunkie said...

Switch to green tea. You will either love it, and get hooked which is fine as it is healthy. Or hate it and stop drinking anything at breaktime. There never ever seems to be a middle road with green tea.
Me, definitely hooked.

Anonymous said...

Switch to chai or green tea and cut out the guilt.

The other one, cannot help you with that.:)

Parul said...

Come kenny, let me take you out for a cuppa.

kbpm said...

That is definitely my intention. That big mug of coffee happens. Then all sorts of things. :(

That is Divya, right? It went long ago. I went to Staff C today, remember that? Next to Akshaya (which is gone). CCD here sucks. Dont you think its is completely inappropriate for the spirit of the campus? & Yeah, I am pretty old (7+ years in the system!) I suppose. Must not diss those guys.

Uhh, clearly you ladies have not seen the type of bathrooms I have to deal with. (I do like Green Tea, but it makes me want to pee about twenty times a day, and the bathrooms suck around here. Plus, none of these places will serve such hep things).

Lets go babe. Should I take the Jet Airways at 8:30 pm? Should be just in time for the massive traffic jam near Bawa International then! :-)

kbpm said...

& Todays Count:

1. Morning coffee meeting to discuss
2. Post-Lunch 'putting coffee' with old friends who talked about issues
3. Afternoon meeting with tea


wordjunkie said...

arm thyself with teabags and a thermos. But of course, pee break problem will remain.
loo situation, what a er, bummer .

Anonymous said...

First time commenting here. This could be my story! Keep the blogging but change the coffee to tea :-D

Anonymous said...

i think you should switch to kaapi, and take your own filter wherever you go...

my mil says it gave her the strength to give birth to five kids, raise endless grandchildren and pay elec. bills on due date.

choxbox said...

a. you are not old.

b. you are not stuck-up either.

c. old is all in the mind anyway, doncha think? you could be old at 35 and not old at 70 (my dad is a classic example of the latter).

choxbox said...

where you are?