Sunday, 31 May 2009

What is a chair?

This is how it worked in the household. We have a dining table with six chairs. (And, absurdly fat legs, may I add). One of those chairs served faithfully as my computer chair for as long as I can remember. Now we are in a bigger place and the six chair table is fitting quite nicely in the dining area (and not acting octopus like and occupying every inch of space as it used to in the other one). Plus the dining area is down the stairs (which, by the way, are naaasty and require some serious heavy duty cleaning and scrubbing before my mum shows up and gets on her hands and knees at the task). So, net-net, I am standing, leaning down onto the computer desk (which is an old-fashioned desk not at all meant for computers but has worked much better after I got rid of my fat monitor and got a flat one instead). It makes blogging hard. Plus I am google searching stores that maintain a semblance of hygiene so I can buy food. Or a vegetable market which is a place I have come to love with its strong smell of pudina and dhaniya. Without having to go to the wholesale market at Koyambeedu (or some such).

So, yeah, a chair is a blogging-facilitator. cheers.


wordjunkie said...

Yes you have settled in at Madras if you are blogging about that city's pet obsession - veggie buying:)

Having waded through mulch with my dad at Koyambedu every week for two years, when we were both much younger, let me say --- avoid, avoid, avoid!! Turn meat eater, even!!

choxbox said...

me too - usually employ the 6th chair as the comp chair as its mighty comfy, and it doubles up as the cellist's chair too.
i had also got a bench made along with the table. with the whole khaandaan around everything is around the dining table at the moment - bench and all 6 chairs.
net net i am chairless as i type this.

PG said...

hey kenny, how waz ur us trip? did u come to nyc? heard from your namesake u were in boston.

dipali said...

I bravely bought a sexy swivel type computer chair last year, after wearing down the cushioned chair our landlord had thoughtfully provided!