Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The day breaks

My mind aches.

I need a drink. What is best for the mornings? Whiskey? (Must have whiskey).

Singh, More, Pandey, Vinod, the men in my life. Packer, washing machine locker, furniture dismantler (and his friend, who just stopped by).

Without further ado, here is a list of things a girl must do to stay sane in times like this:
1. Wear cotton clothes, stopping just short of wearing shorts to work
2. Eat most of the child's breakfast, herself
3. Dream of playing basketball at 5 pm
4. Listen to Dylan obsessively, in her mind and on the music system
5. Play Nazarein Milana and Jai Ho in a loop for the child
6. Make lists of things already accomplished, for the pleasure of striking something off
7. Watch Shah Rukh Khan 'act'
8. Send SMSes to the Milk Supplier, the Newspaper Fellow, and the Cable Guy with the short legs.
8. Get off the fucking internet already.

Cheers mates


wordjunkie said...

Ok..Dylan whining and SRK twitching.. no wonder you need the whiskey.

Cable guy with the short legs...sounds familiar. Does he have a face right off a HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN??? poster?

kbpm said...

No no, Dylan is always helpful. For e.g. just yesterday he was saying 'Everybody must get stoned'

SRK, well, enough to turn anyone to drink.

Cable guy! Is the reticent kind. Thankfully he does not wear lot of cheap cologne (which the guy who made criss cross pattis on the walls).

choxbox said...


*raising the glass of chaas*

and me like #6.

wordjunkie said...

Hmm, reading Dylan definitely more profound than listening to him. Advice like that demands to be followed.

dipali said...

The move seems to be underway. Two moves plus typhoid within a few months calls for serious early morning drinking, methinks!
A good strong cup of tea, perhaps.

kbpm said...

of course, you make lots of sense, as always. i do love my morning cup of tea. drunk alone while pondering the vagaries of the aquaguard machine!

I just wish. Thankfully one of my uncles is visiting, and that, should be fun!

Good choice for the summer! Bummer regarding your trip.

Anonymous said...

I recommend spiking the chai with something strong. Or the coffee with Baileys. I used to do that during the years of having 3 kids under 4.

Or spiking the soup with wine or something. That helps

Or buying chocolate with liquer..

All of the above got me through the dark dark years of 2 babies in diapers. Seriously I am NOT kidding.This is why I have blanked out 06-07

SrgntPepper said...

i'd recommend a bloody mary. with extra vodka;double worcestershire sauce and extra thick salt on the rim.

when's d-day?

kbpm said...

yeah well. still at work in the daytime so maybe can do these things at night!!

tell me you guys will visit. please. running, booze, place to stay, birding, all taken care of.