Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Musing Still; Missing Some

Oh Feck it! I will still muse from Mumbai. What the hell difference will it make to anyone? I mean, ludwig tells me, in a frank admission of sorts, that my Hindi is 'atrocious' - though he had to accept that he could not illustrate with anectodal examples. Demmit. My tamil, by my own admission, is worse. So I suppose I could speak Hindi in Chennai and be considered a pundit of sorts. But wait, you have to have passed all those 'Yek Gaon Mein Yek Kisaan Raghu Thatha' type exams to be a Hindi Pundit in Chennai.

I miss my two ladies. I curse them. They irritate me endlessly. They don't sweep behind any furniture, they make baigan sambar with baigan subji. They borrow money endlessly. But I miss them. We nearly cried at our parting. Although its for a year. I would have brought them I think but I would been more irritated by them as they would be fully dependent on me. Plus they don't talk to each other already and so they would fight as well.

I miss using my bad Hindi and getting the house fixed up. I did it enough number of times in Mumbai and got in to a groove of sorts with it. Here its not the same. I mean, its never fun, but here it is less and less fun. Plus my legs ache from climbing up and down the stairs one million times. And still no sign of internet. Today a water heater fell down on the floor and spouted water. A gigantic water heater. Hateful thing.

Election day here today. The drivers tried to tell me that people are vettufying people and can I please chill at home. I had just returned from a useless trip trying to find a damn bookstore open in this city. I suppose they used an aruvaal and vettufied. One guy tried to involve me in a deep political discussion on ruling party versus opposition. I used technique no. b (hmmm. Yeah. True. Aaama Aaama. Yenna Kaalam)

Why does the monkey speak like Arshad Warsi? I just don't understand. But I do wish a Pashu Pakshi Kendriya Vidyalaya would actually exist so I can send my daughter to it. She will fit very well in there, the monkey (despite not speaking like Arshad Warsi; nor even being able to dance like him).

I am not yet living in my own home. I mean, I cannot manage without Aquaguard water (srgntpepper, say what you will, I am NOT drinking tap water, nor am I going the other extreme and buying Bisleri to bathe in, lets say this is my middle ground). Today Kumar(x) - his name might be Bala - said, madam, the water tank should be cleaned. I was like ewwwwww wonder what is in it.

So anyway I am off again. Destination: New England & York. I hope the monster behaves itself. I am planning on using serious technique on it. I have several friends offering to cook for us. Why? I mean, might as well eat out right. Pizzeria Uno. Yumm. I have to see if the husband (unadventurous eater to beat them all) will still eat the same old Spinnocoli.

Chill people. Now rhinos and hippos are eating. Poor shamsher singh. (I must be hungry, all this talk and thought of food. Thank heaven for this guest house I am living in).


choxbox said...

LOling at using techniques. they work as well if not better with non-kids.

yup am in ldn. take a very wild guess who i bumped into today! (airspy and pg, if you're redaing this, you can try maadu too. also ludwig)

csm said...

ensoi US.
chennai and iit is great place to work on hindi skills. much better than bombay.
trust me :-)

kbpm said...

i spoke with her on the phone couple of days ago. before you all met i suppose. hope she is doing ok.

thanks. sure. you are the expert anyway!

dipali said...

When do you get back to Chennai?
Haffun abroad!

Artnavy said...

welcome to chennai!

choxbox said...

nah not her. the other one.

maidinmalaysia said...

have a good flight monster