Thursday, 7 May 2009

What day is it today?

What day is it today?
What day is it today?
Its Thursday Its Thursday Its Thursday today.

This is a most annoying song the monster sings at her play school. I run miles if I happen to be dropping her off at the exact time that the creatures belt this out. My main problem is that they say it as

Vadday instead of Whatt Day.

Much like I have issues with the guy who kept saying

HeadduhBoard instead of Head Board.

Or the one that says

Matrial when really, he means Material.

Be that as it may, its Thursday. And judging from the most useful comments from my previous post, I have the following things to say:

* I am leaving, really, I am. Please exercise patience, peoples, really, you will see the back of me, shortly, shortly. One does not like to reveal EXACT dates and times and so on because you know, it might jinx it. But trust me, its soon, very soon.

* I drank a beer last night, now, it has been something like six months since I last chanced upon it. Unfortunately, it was warm (dislike that a fair bit). For interested parties, it was 'Tuborg' in a green bottle (which I poured into the final two glasses that I have managed to not break), and has a cap that requires only opposable thumbs (which I do possess, apparently).

* Yesterday was quite a nice humid day. My cotton shirt was dripping. For interested parties, its a very manly blue one with white collars and french cuffs that I have been wearing for ten years now. Its the same one that I have been known to have to use with a safety pin at the gut button, for, umm, safety.

* Thanks to German technology, the washing machine held its peace. Thanks also to German (ish) technology, the beast Skoda was very handy yesterday, given the humidity and so on.

* My special four burner auto ignite stove with the damaged nipples, stays, although it is currently running on cylinder gas, I recognise that it is not at its most efficient, for example, one cannot 'Sim' it. Vijay Sales, here I come.

* Murphy lives on. Two nights ago the monster, who is generally a stable creature not that given to falling, fell off a chair, while I was in the loo. I heard a gigantic thud, and ignored it because I was reading the Mazlich (thanks, choxbox). But the howling that followed was not the usual kind so I rushed out (stopping briefly to wash hands - its these details that readers come here for, I am sure). She had a bump the size of a large lemon on her forehead. I swear that this line went through my head as I iced it "How is your behavior in times of crisis Kenny, are you like cool and all or do you just break down and cry?" Well I did not break down and cry, I hugged her and called the doc and iced it all some more, and found Tom & Jerry on TV, and, thankfully, it got all better by next morning.

& now my time here is done. For anon.


Perakath said...

Tuborg in Delhi = 30 bucks. Very pleasing. In Mumbai?

choxbox said...

LOLing at various things.

also piece of unsolicited advice (is there any other type?) - keep arnica (homeopathy) - whenever child's head bumps, pop a few into mouth (child's, not yours).

and all hail mazlish maharaj.

kbpm said...

Dont know the 'real' price. dude charged me fifty bucks.

Okay will try to remember!!

Parul said...

Totally with chox on Arnica. Many a bump has been soothed with the trustworthy magic ointment. Glad the monster is good to go, poor chile.

kbpm said...

Yeah I was more worried than her. She thought it was a big joke. Healed pretty quick though, children are amazing that way...

wordjunkie said...

Poor monster! And brave monster's mom!

Space Bar said...

(only slightly) ot: so you going to change the name of your blog?

dipali said...

How Kenny kept kool in krisis!
Poor brave Monster and Kenny.
All the best for the secret moving muhurtam!

Perakath said...

Hey I didn't think of what SpaceBar said! Betcha didn't either, Kanna.