Friday, 29 May 2009

Is Wireless Overrated?

I am completely sleepy. The air conditioners are working overtime. I am back though, and am finally somewhat set up at home. Meaning I have procured gas cylinders. And golly its hot.

The wireless acts cranky at times. I am wondering, is it worth its weight in gold? And also, parenthetically, about how 'unputdownable' has become a bonafide word. Much like 'irregardless' - ridiculous. Or lidicurous, as we say in our household, ever since we went to Bangkok several years ago and had to say Legent Hoter in order to make the taxi fellow understand us. And then, at the Regent Hoter, we had to tell the ladies that we wanted to hang out in the Robby Rounge for a bit, before we went to the room. But we are joking, being practical in a new country, but joking, and mean only the slightest of offense to the colourful taxicab drivers of B'Kok, and the wonderful skinned slim ladies of the Legent Hoter. But UnPutDownAble is not a word. It should not be bandied about like that. Its not on. I will not stand for it.

I am, as I said, back, and hoping I don't have swineflu. Sorry. H1N1 (P1G1 would have been more appropriate). More chatter soon.


choxbox said...

loling at P1G1.

no you wont have it. we didn't either.

dipali said...

Glad to have you back, 'irregardless' of the heat and your general discomfiture.
Seriously glad. Hugs.