Friday, 3 April 2009

April is here!

My tolerance for human beings is at an ultimate low. Everything is grating on my nerves now. Most of all, laziness. I have never understood laziness. Exams are in full swing out here at Kennys, and that usually means that (a) Yeah! Its almost done for now but (b) OH my god, how on earth will I manage to get it all sorted out. But laziness abounds. Not in myself, it is really very rarely that I feel lazy. I mean the others. Nerve-graters all.

The monsters school has fully closed down its shutters (for us that is). I collected the Transfer Certi. They have optimistically remarked, 'UKG Completed' - I mean for what its worth. Since virtually no school will believe that. I don't know, just yesterday I overheard her on the phone saying 'Do you guess I am going to UKG after my Holidays? NO! I am going to FIRST STANDARD.' My troubles are thus postponed by a year, which is what I have for some serious full court press type brainwashing.

Yesterday, I managed to return home in time to take her to some neighborhood drawing class. I know! I know! I don't like drawing classes. The teacher was wearing a nightgown (which is a species of clothing I dislike intensely) but I had to try hard not be biased by that. She was at home after all and its her business what she wears at her home.

Swimming- I have to explore this today. I am irritated with the monster because she sleeps so late. But then I am happy too because if she wakes up at 6 am and starts touching my arm as I am typing its annoying too. But enrolling her for a swimming class ought to get her sched on track for early morning waking, which in the long run will work better for me. The vision is as follows: She goes swimming, and I quickly cross over and run or play basketball next door.

I was so annoyed in the evening that I asked my mum if she is okay if I go away and get some exercise. I took our two basketballs, and headed out. I drove. Gnashing my teeth all the while. I promptly got a call as I arrived at the courts and as I was walking with the phone in my ear and the orange things stuffed in my armpits some fellow walked up and signalled and took them away and filled them with air. It was a genuine pleasure to dribble a nicely filled ball. Where on EARTH are my bike pumps? They are missing for a while now. I shot hundreds of shots, and as usual my percentage was very high (since no one was guarding me). My wrist did not trouble, I did miss having a nice game, but I was conscious of it coming up on seven, and the ladies waiting at home for me.

I have a busy weekend coming up. I have to spend most of it in an extremely hot place. I wish I wish I could get away and go attend a meeting that I want to, and also tag on for the game in the evening with the husband. Plus we have a hundred things to talk about and iron out after he arrives back in town today. But don't think any of this is happening! I am bound to be more irritated then ever then.

I saw my first snake of the season today. Which was at once exciting and alarming. It slithered away behind the garage-like buildings and I feel sure it has now gone near my poor zen which I have been bad-mouthing. The heart pumps with the fear that the monster might have left the window slightly open (my back windows are not power) and also with the realization that whatever it is, the land belongs to this big brown snake with its snaky slithering first and then to us marauding humans.

And here at my desk with yesterday's bottle of water and the characteristic rubble of my disorganised work-life around me. Ten deep breaths. Go. At least I have fixed firefox. For now.


Airspy said...

Now that April is really upon us, life will get more organized when you are a year older :)

kbpm said...

Airspy. Hush. Thats likely to be the main problem.

maidinmalaysia said...

all this and only 10 deep breaths...

glad to meet you superwoman, and glad we have dislike of nightgowns in common