Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Slipper and a shoe

Years from now when the boys come around, and I turn a hose pipe with high pressure water that I have especially saved up for the purpose, at them, and they don't go away, but actually they go away and come back at two, I need to have that slipper and shoe, and be waiting, so I can throw it at them. Even if they are not politicians or any such. Right? We are desi, we are not supposed to be understanding of our children's needs to grow wings and fly and have boy-friends and such like. Right? Anyone who knows my husband will also have to nod their heads when I say that letting him deal with his daughter's suitors is akin to, oh I don't know, World War or something. Right?

Right. That means I need to have appropriate footwear for the purpose. I do hope that although I will be all dodderingly old and all, I will still have shoes. As in my bank of Nikes that I love (but currently hate a teeny bit because they are old but not yet old enough for middleclassmentality to throw out). I hope I will be all set with that. But slippers?

I am bare-footed at home. In fact, on some levels, I define home as a place that I can be bare-footed at. We always make it a point to take off our foot-wear when we enter someone's home, unless they absolutely insist that we don't. Mine are usually old and encrusted with years of grime in any case, so its best that way. So anyway, here I will be, bare-footed, all the foot-wear strewn around the entrance foyer of the house, directing this hose-pipe at two in the morning (or is it afternoon? naah.). The water is suddenly shut off. Its 2020 or something folks, we have consumed so much that running taps at all times of day and night is a distant dream, and memory.

Judging by my current crop, my hands will close on:
1. Two pairs of very flat, but very colourful Rs.150 a pair chappals. All weather.
2. One very old ratty brown 'pumps' from lifestyle. Also flat.
3. A pair of golden looking things that are very casual to general people but to me are what I wear when I (play) 'dress up'. Flat but not all weather for sure.

Which would I choose? The all weather elcheapo things are what I wear everyday, and would hate to lose. The others might get wet and get ruined, and that would be horrid since I would have to then, horror of horrors, shop for new ones.

What a dilemma!

(And yes, the same is applicable to potential suitors from the distaff side, if she is so inclined. (a) I would have to deal with it since the husband world war etc. and (2) I would be fine with the concept, the theoretical part of it, just not the practice of it)


choxbox said...

hmm. i will have to deal with two sets, so will need double the no. of pairs. kenny, i am proud to report that i currently own 5 pairs of footwear. not willing to lose them, since they are all painstakingly collected after being threatened by the husband of dire consequences if i didnt.

water- am already lectured whenver i leave the tap on for even a minute. bah.

lets think of something else that is chuck-able.

kbpm said...

I suddenly started having these visions since the monster has been talking about boys a lot these past few days (shudder).

wordjunkie said...

Some other blunt object, perhaps?
Or something toothy, like a Doberman?