Monday, 20 April 2009

Hallmark Event

Yes, ladies, gentlemen, and others, the day has come. The monster has turned five. I struggled and struggled to figure out a meaningful birthday plan (why are these things so difficult?). Wait. Meaningful, that is what I was aiming for. Fun, that is what the kid was hoping for. Sometimes I feel sorry for her, for her crazy parents. But at other times, not so much. We deserve each other.

Dora cake happened. A number five cake too. It was a particularly harrowing day. New dress was duly worn, and looked so cute, I felt really like congratulating myself. She disliked it, of course. Not enough bling I suppose. I let her enjoy her cake and lunch with the friends in her play school and then when I went at 1 pm to pick her, she accused me of being late. We returned home and she loped off to the neighbours, to my consternation, to play a secret game with the boy (scary, eh?). We caught a flight later. It was supposed to be Kingfisher Red but turned out to be Kingfisher (and yes, we did see the bird again in one of our walks in Chennai too). Dinner with the father. Jumping and breaking the bed in the guest house. This was thursday. She denies it, but she had a good day, though tiring.

Friday was a busy day, new dress, also very cute, but most hated by monster. I spoke my brahmin tamizh to all sorts of large looming men around our new place. Then it was furniture shopping time, where I spoke in English till one time I called out to the monster. The guy was mildly surprised with that (WHY?). But that was better than the KF flight attendant referring to me as 'the young passenger' - the monster's kangaroo suitcase had been pushed into the back and I could not reach it. I asked her to find someone taller to help. She thought I needed all my bags carried and called reinforcements from the ground staff. Hello? First of all, I am old enough to be your mother. Second, I can carry my backpack and this little suitcase, and my tiny laptop bag easily, please, all those years in the gym are worth something. Oh no dear, I just could not reach the back of the overhead storage place, I can carry them alright, don't worry, I said aloud. I tried to not hate the furniture shopping. I mean considering we did not really buy anything finally, and on Sunday we saw a nice place with antique-ish things which I liked a lot. Plus I had enough time to indulge my(our)self at Landmark. Pippi Longstocking. Aseem Kaul. Ranjit Lal. Presumably I went to get return gifts for the kids.

Dinner party on Saturday, almost difficult to convince her that it was for her birthday (yeah, I know, makes no sense, really). I managed to arrange balloons and a cake and whip up a cohesive set of adults. Children were lovely and I was amazed at how all the other kids have good eating habits in comparison, oh and we went later in the night to another party, and this little girl and my own sat next to me on the futon. Someone was playing a guitar and I was occasionally joining in the singing (softly of course). I mean old old songs. The girls would look up at me expectantly every time a new song started. I don't know, they were so very beautiful together, I thought I would burst though I had a headache and was eager to go home and sleep. The purple barbie shirt with the white skirt with a gigantic silver flower on it was, finally, an acceptable dress, per monster.

Back at the helm here, and yes, I am conscious of my tags, and I will post it next, chox and parul.


Airspy said...

I am coming to Chennai three wekends in a row. Let me know if all the monsters can exchange notes on various stuff, while moms eat krack jack biscuits

Anonymous said...

first the imp, and now the monster... this is the party season.

and this is a muddlingly convoluted post -- i think it was because you had to speak some tam-brahm when you were in chennai. (or do i have to read this post, after a nap?)

next tag, plz, i gotta read.

kbpm said...

mim, then, in true fashion of old tambram maamas, i must say 'No no, its just that I have written events in non-chronological order, you see?'

airspy, no no, you see, i am in mumbai now.

Parul said...

Happy b'day to the child and happy child's b'day to you, o young passenger.

dipali said...

Happy Birthday to the loveliest monster around!
Yes, them overhead bins are a pain to us vertically challenged types:(

wordjunkie said...

Happy belated birthday to the cutest monster ever!

Brahmin tamizh in modern day Chennai - I can imagine the expressions on people's faces. I shall be scaring the natives of Chennai with my Tamizh pretty soon too.

choxbox said...

see you have >24 hrs in a day, young one.

*LOLing away*

remember how we'd all been worried about how every new batch of kids will think you are also a freshie and rag you!

but happy happy budday to the child and many new books to her!

btw pippi lambemoze (tulika) is a nice one for hindi reading practice, esply after the three pippis have been read several times in angrezi.

kbpm said...

Parul, Dipali, thanks!

Chox, I have hidden Pippi # 2 for a rainy day. I showed it to her in Landmark and she went 'Psssh' despite the very pink and purple colouring. I bought it anyway and now she is in love with it. Will try the hindi one. ALready losing her hindi and saying things like 'Mujhe nose say breathe karne ko nahi ho raha hain' She wont be able to read a book in Hindi for sure (but I could try!)

we must talk, was hoping could meet this weekend (in mumbai). also pls message/call me when in sennai, the rate at which i am going, i might well be there.

SrgntPepper said...

hey wish the monster on our behalf.. very to sorry to not have the date down pat.