Saturday, 25 April 2009

Expect the unexpected

Historically, one has experienced a mix of anticipation, depression, and exhaustion on friday evenings. Sometimes the best antidote for all of that is to ignore a child who is filling water in the pink bowl for lego ducks to swim in, listen to Dylan with one ear, and read Durrell go on about a lizard called Geronimo.

But sometimes, an unexpected visit from a friend from work, in a very non-work mode, with her little cute baby in tow, following closely on her heels, the over-spirited boy from the neighbours, noise, ghost stories, little hands knocking on the Teddy Bears book (patting with a flat hand, knocking with the fist, interesting way to read a book, surely), and a compressed fifteen minutes of unadulterated fun, works too!


choxbox said...

here's to unexpected times then :)

dipali said...

Sounds good, Kenny!