Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Meri Sony

bloody sucks. i curse the Vaio.
firefox is broken (and i so hate IE).
i know i have to uninstall and reinstall but no time.
i am unable to copy paste in word.
i know i need to reboot but no time.
it sings a nasty electronic tune when inside the bag.
its power settings junk who cares.
and the webcam is crap.
useless junk.
the dvd player finally played a dvd but only using vlcplayer and not anything else.
it periodically assures me it cannot hibernate and i lose a bunch of files.
and if i dont touch it over the weekend it gives attitude on monday morning and wont boot up till i give it juice from the power supply. damn. am not working over the weekend just for you, get it?
all i want is to simultaneously open several office files and firefox tabs and maybe outlook.
is that too much to ask for a lakh fucking fifty thou?

the bag is awesome though. everyone gave it looks in the airp as i sauntered around with it lamenting lack of crossword store there. it even beats my Tumi (which is way too heavy and monstrous in size, though bullet proof and all).



Serious Lounger said...

aha, the sony i heard is good only for viewing videos.. anyways, am stuck now with a celeron machine with 512 MB RAM.. my earlier terminator version with 2 GB RAM has gone for repair.. duh!!.

kbpm said...

yeah well this one has 2 gigs of RAM but to no particular avail.
celeron with 512 megs sounds awful!

Jeevan Baretto said...

Your Toshiba is the best :) Open 10 office files plus 10 excel files and still have 20 tabs open on firefox.. the laptop is happy to run.

kbpm said...

enjoy it! see i told you you would not believe me! please go and show sanjay maybe he will give my money back.

Perakath said...

Aren't you a b****y engineer?? How do you manage to screw up both your car and your laptop?

Firefox and IE both suck. Chrome is tolerable, IMHO.

I hate VLC Player.

kbpm said...

I did *not* screw them up. They just suck. My prvs. laptop was a dream. This one is BRAND NEW. Has been troublesome since day 1 (ask Jeevan).
Okay so the car, the Zen is not a car you allow the driver to drive. Dont you agree?

Perakath said...

But I thought you drove it? In any case I'd keep a driver away from the Skoda, not the Zen!

kbpm said...

we have a really silly arrangement with the driver driving in the mornings and me the rest of day. but now the driver has left (thankfully). and i dont need to use a car much at all...
agree on the Skoda for sure. You need a "ROBUST" car (Reminds me of the Hercules Brand of Big Black Cycles from my youth) if you intend a driver to drive it. Neither a Zen nor a Skoda has that to be said for it.

choxbox said...

our vaio made a nee-nah-nee-nah sound exactly ten seconds after being switched on. kids loved it (because it sounded like a fire engine).

and did you know tumi is a peruvian god?

SrgntPepper said...

oye.. have a sony vaio, and have abused it happily for 4 yrs + now.. you probably got a lemon.

and i love the zen too. it has the highest perkyness/wt ratio there is.

kbpm said...

this is exactly the kind of thing that gives Vista a good rap. see, four years ago Sony had not heard of Vista and everyone was happy. Now it comes with Vista and a half assed possibility of using XP if you are really picky. and its just not stable with XP and Vista is too painful to deal. I am on XP.
I wanted to get extra RAM (which usually takes care of all problems that I tend to have) but it supports only 2 GB (which should be plenty, really). How can a Sony Vaio be a lemon for Petes sake, this is my question, though I admit I am all bitter about this guy.

& Zen. How long did you drive it? Pleaj.

dipali said...

Sorry to say that I heartily laughed while you were bawling out the Vaio.
I hope it behaves now, after having been castigated so soundly:)