Monday, 23 March 2009

Let no one accuse me of missing out now

You know, all you glib people out there. I know you are there. Smirking at me. Laughing, rolling on the floor, snigger snigger. And why? Simply because I am so out of touch, have not even seen Ghajini (or Jaane Tu or Rab Ne or Dilli6 or oh fucket about it, any movie at all since Usual Suspects). Of course, full of bluster, I yell back at you. Why should I see these movies? I have read all the reviews no? Yours, and yours, and well, yours too, you smirker. Not to mention Mayank Shekhar.

But take this now. Yesterday. Sunday. Green distemper on the walls. The lizard's underside visible on the window glass. The husband referred to the squirrel as Anil (apparently, that is the correct Tam word for it. File away for Chennai usage). He had a death grip on remote as usual. Flipped here and there, to the scene where Monaca is in a white towel and Chandler is very thin. Then back to some dark looking HBO thing with Nicole Kidman looking thin (more thin than Chandler) and scary. Back again to SRK wearing something outrageous and blue and being remarkably clever (I think he is a smart guy, not just in comparison to that dork fellow of Preity Zinta's). Back again to some vague channel where Ghajini was just starting. I was about to go away, clutching head, saying, I have to study, when he requested, yes, he actually requested me, to watch this movie with him. I tried to reel off some bits and pieces from various reviews that I have read about it, to prove that it was a pain and I am better off studying my books. I also tried to convince him that if I watch it, he will have to forego the pleasure of flipping through our 90 odd channels in a sort of frenzy, and that includes the times when songs (although meaningless and having little bearing to the main story-line) play. He, however, accepted my terms, and requested me again. And I agreed to not insist on watching the ads. See, the stuff old marriages are full of. Simple compromises, and a child thankfully taking a nap in the other room.

So now I have seen the movie. I can honestly say that it was a pain. Made as little sense as a Govinda movie overall, and come to think of it, and at least Govinda never shows us his nipples. The feeling of fleeting youth stayed with me throughout. Despite the nipples and six pack and all, peoples, Aamir Khan has become old. Its very sad. You think of 'Chikni Soorat' when you, me, and good old Chocolate Boy AK were young and had our whole lives in front of us. Cut to now. All fit and all. Buff. Musculature is visible. But old ya. We are old. You, me, buff AK, all of us. Time to move on. The ad breaks when (flip) I got to hear all that SRK and Lalit Modi and Preity Zinta had to say about the IPL, while that guy of her's looked on in manner of demented person, were almost welcome.

Anyway now its done. Now I only have Luck By Chance and Rock On and Jaane Tu and Delhi 6 and Rab Ne and Slumdog and Little Zizou (really do want to see this) and so on to go. Fine, laugh away.


choxbox said...

yet to see all of on your list, plus have not even seen ghajini.

your turn to smirk.

Anonymous said...

so where did you get three hours at a stretch?
did u read this

kbpm said...

yeah krishashok is too funny. i have read his latest graphjam thing over and over again. govinda!
and yeah, three hours was tough, she was asleep for about half of it, and somehow we managed the rest!

ha! snigger snigger. :-)

wordjunkie said...

I just saw Ghajini too, courtesy one terrible bootleg print where the guy holding the camera kept coughing, so that AK kept bouncing gently on the screen. Too much fun that was, actually improved the film for me. I think we need to resign ourselves to the fact that this is the era of the male bosom in Hindi cinema, they are flashing everywhere.
Hey, i actually like Govinda films, especially the David Dhawan ones.

kbpm said...

yes yes i likes govinda too. great comic timing he has. i have even seen that weird movie where his name is Ganga. Pre-motherhood days of course. !!

Anonymous said...

A friend asked me what was the latest movie we watched and Avasha shouted so full of pride, Om Shanti Om! That friend burst out laughing.

The entire kandaan has been borrowing old Hindi movies from the library and watching them.

We watched Amar Akhabar Anthony. Ashwina asked if the mom had TB, why is she alive.

We watched Bobby and then Chandini and Avasha said, I like the Bobby guy better in Bobby. He is fat in Chandini. Then during the mera hatho song, she asked did you do all this for your wedding as well.

Their comments crack me up.

dipali said...

Since you've actually seen Ghajini, please do read Banno's hilarious review:

PG said...

aah! ghazini! what a coincidence - today on CNN International, there was this interview with AK, about ghazini etc

I haven't seen it either and don't intend to.

chox, you didn't miss much! any other nice movies to watch? Read nice as simple and cute. Not muskular and dishkum dishkum!