Friday, 13 March 2009

Gender Based

All friends and acquaintances I meet these days comment on my appearance. They generally say, "you have lost a lot of weight" (no, really, I HAD lost a fair bit but gained it right back, for the most part). But the difference is, women say it wistfully, almost as if wishing they were in my shoes. The men say it with shock, and absolutely no such wish. Makes you wonder, is it genuinely so much harder for women to lose weight than men? Empirical evidence definitely seems to say yes!


Jeevan Baretto said...

Interesting observation :)

Airspy said...

Oh, my MIL for one equates losing weight to losing health. In my case it get worse, bcos she also considers hair length and thickness (i dunno about greyness) as important components of the health index.
My neighbour can observe the difference in my weight almost on a DAILY basis. How does one acquire such talent?

kbpm said...

airspy -
remember you used to claim your fingers lost weight? Greyness! No! I am jealous, I want.
& yes, my MIL was quite aghast looking at me, I was more referring to our generation of women. Middle-aged chicks. :-)

choxbox said...

what? you lost more weight than when we last saw you at the jamboree? can anyone even see you now?!

and what is it with MILs? mine always thinks i am growing thinner. fine except that she then attempts to stop the process by dishing up yummies that i cant resist :( :)

PG said...

why did you change the template? I am partial to greens and oranges!

airspy & cb, maybe it's a universal mil or maybe mothers thing. they always think you are half of what you were before. if u lose weight, you are not healthy.
my mom says that one should never lose the cheeks. anyone tell me how one can "not" lose weight selectively? maybe we can make the opposite work.

wordjunkie said...

Did anyone say "You have pulled down " .. that's what my MIL and her contemporaries would say to anyone suspected of losing so much as a gram of eight.