Sunday, 29 March 2009

Hot Hotter Hottest

It is amazing how people's perceptions and opinions remain unperturbed and undisturbed in this, info-age. At first I thought that this is only true in case of senior citizens, and, since I never answer back to that species of human (my mom is a year shy of that tag, she assures me), I always smiled politely and moved on. Of course in recent times it has become rather clear that age is no bar. Children (somewhat pardonable that a child would assume that snow and snowmen can occur only in the United States), middle-aged folk, and my personal favourite, old people, are party to this.

Visiting an old person in Chennai, thankfully not tied to us by any easily discoverable blood lines (we should have spent another fifteen minutes, the vibrant photo of Venkateshwara in his home surely meant that we would have found that elusive common link). I told him I was there for just a day, from Mumbai. Despite not being of English stock, I commented on the weather at that point.

Hmm he said. At least you have escaped the Mumbai heat for a day.

I thought this was a huge joke, and was going to cackle politely till I realised he, in all seriousness, thought that Chennai was a cool haven in comparison with big bad hot Mumbai. Oh well. Why should I be so surprised? Don't I have relatives, who exclaim virtually involutarily when I say I live in Mumbai,

OH! Bourbon biscuits are so expensive there.
(I remember, I visited once, in 1960..).

My husband is a good one to have at your side at these junctures, I am just too polite and smiley faced to disagree. So yes peoples. Elders have said. Mumbai is the hottest place. The biscuits are too expensive here. And people all live in 'flats'. I will not even bother to tell them that just today, in a leisurely walk around here after a Rava Dosa breakfast, we think we saw: The Blue Kingfisher, Koel, Coppersmith, Magpie Robin, and, possibly, a Sunbird, in addition of course to armies of crows and mynas who are our neighbours (all as recognised by expert friend, not me). And no, we did not sweat although its nearly April and we were walking around at 11 am.


Perakath said...

Oh no. My family watches and identifies birds too. I can barely see them, half the time!

wordjunkie said...

Also, if you are from mumbai, people assume you see film stars all the time, everywhere.

choxbox said...

@wordjunkie: LOL!

kenny, both mumbai and chennai are HOT.
(so says choxbox smugly from bangalore).

Serious Lounger said...

ah, mumbai is hot.. except that once you are in Chennai you just say hawt, hawter, hawtest and no you arent referring to the latest simbu sawng.. Well, i zeenk the old man was right, Mumbai is a lot sweatier than chennai and yes, you will be nuts if you try walking at 11 AM in Chennai in April.. certifiably nuts..

kbpm said...

You must be pre-occupied with 'thoughts' and the like.

Thankfully no one said that to me!

Be smug all you want, at least my two cities dont smell of LPG fumes(HMPH)

Really? I consistently find Chennai Sweaty Sweatier and Sweatiest, a problem in Mumbai only during October (and maybe May). I did walk around Chennai at 11 am (and almost died). I was taking my last few breaths in that Mama's house when he made that statement about Mumbai!!!

PG said...

ha ha! chox, agree both are hot. but i dont mind (maybe i think i dont mind)hot places after cold colder coldest.

kenny, you moved to chennai?

choxbox said...

LPG fumes? oh i lurve the smell. every sniff is laced with SPM too. yumm.

pg, totally relate to that. so why aren't you here yet?

wordjunkie said...

actually, chennai is very hot, but saved by the sea breeze that makes its presence felt at exactly 3.43 pm everyday, (atleast it does where my parents live). Mumbai, no such luck unless you have seafront property like SRK. (no, I have never met him, stop asking)

kbpm said...

You must have met Salman Khan at least? How about Arbaaz? :)

Ok. It is still the air conditioned city though...

Not yet. But I dont think my husband realises it (Shh! Dont Tell Him). & See Chox above making an excellent point!!!

PG said...

kenny, he doesn't know your plans? thought he did. is there something else he doesn't? time to catch up with you one of these days.

chox, what is SPM? you are like one of my sisters. she loves smell of petrol to smell of roses!
waiting to get back if my dear hubby finds himself something worthwhile out there!

where does airspy disappear to? she's been keeping me company by not posting regularly like you two!

kbpm said...

Joking ma. I suppose in this day and age its not a good joke to make. He knows.

Suspended Particulate Matter. Its a new feature of Bengaluru. Its there in all the guide books. Accumulates in lungs and such like.

choxbox said...

yes where it is the airspy? shall call and report back.