Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Where have you gone?

  • Blue, moth-eaten exercise mat for my ab-exercise sessions
  • Pink dabba with puff and a bit of Johnson talc for even application of powder
  • Stash of handkerchiefs for monster and my snot-related considerations
  • Orange carpet-dhurrie thing to replace the dirty brown one with carpenters footprints on them
  • Maroon cushion covers (six) for colour in the living room
  • Grey Jaipuri looking embroidered sheet for hiding nastiness of couch
  • Blue Nike sweatshirt with the bleach-patch in the back for morning gym sessions
  • Black and gold bumblebee costume & pink butterfly wing for packing away in box
  • Large brown Timberland trekking shoes that had surfaced recently
  • Fridge magnets carefully collected over the years (plus have to go a tag on these)
  • Bag of laundry bags for collecting the shirts in
  • Credit card bill since the wolves are now baying at the door
  • Household maintenance bill since ditto
  • Address book with details of maid and cook's loan amounts for giving motivational lecture
  • Normal, 24 hour days; really the jokes gone too far now; I cannot manage this.


dipali said...

tagged! (I'll read the post later)

wordjunkie said...

You lost a bag full of other bags..indeed, a sad day for a self confessed baglady..:)

choxbox said...

you need a wife.

kbpm said...

dipali- hi.
wj- see this bag-lady thing is growing on me. starting to hate the sight and sound of plastic bags! but this one is squarely fault of husband who steals laundry bags from everywhere.
chox- oh dear. how true. but i dont think it would last too long. wives dont like slobs.

Airspy said...

is mom around?

dipali said...

Yes, married to a prize slob who can wreck ironed shirts comfortably stored in wardrobe, without a second thought. That is the least of it.
But iff I were my own wife I don't think I'd like me either.
How many things are still to be unpacked?
You, my dear, seem to be suffering from post-moving house-stress disorder.
Recover soon, pliss.

kbpm said...

airspy- how i wish!