Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Two days of rest

This is what the good doc advises. I have been suffering uncharacteristically and immensely since Saturday with various things. Finally when the head felt fit to burst yesterday I went to the doctor. It was a high-ish fever (stupid of me not to recognise that - but I asked that child of mine who insisted there was no fever; the maid said her hand was wet so could not tell, finally the cook came up at five pm and declared it as fever). I could only lie down the whole entire day, occasionally shivering. I did crocin and ice-pack (how easy!) late in the evening and felt better though still weak. I am on a diet of electral and crocin and Becosules and thankfully no antibiotics (yet! he says ominously). The question is this: Should I manage the 9:30 class somehow?

Anyway two days later lets see what happens to me.

How do you test for fever if you are alone?
DUH its called a thermometer. Wonder where mine is!

Edited to add:

Peoples, I don't know what is happening in the comments. I have not been checking often either. Apologies. I have typhoid. The two weeks of fever have rendered me completely weak. I am able to finally walk (!) today. I know. Sounds ridiculous. You should see me though. I look like a rag. Worse than ever. But into every life some sun must shine. And it will soon. We will get back to our friendly banter just as soon as the letters stop dancing in front of my antibiotic-filled eyes. You guys go have fun. And please, don't drink or eat random things (not that I do, which is why its strange I should get typhoid. But life is not always logical now is it?).

love you all.


Serious Lounger said...

try a digital one - easier to read than those glass mercury thermometers..

Space Bar said...

and you're blogging?! kids are useless at this kind of thing. i've frequently felt feverish but i'm told i don't have fever (i hate it when the thermometer says he's right, though).

get one. useful object.

kbpm said...

sb- i seem to have about two minutes of semi-lucidity every few hours. good idea to earn some e-sympathy. i do have a thermometer, just lost somewhere in the upheaval

sl- hate those digital ones. easier to read may be but completely unreliable. i work very well with the usual Hg one!

dipali said...

Blogger ate up my early morning comment. Hope you are feeling better now, and actually getting some rest.
If you can't find a thermometer, taking your pulse gives a fair indication whether you are feverish or not- it's significantly more rapid when you have a fever. Get well soon.

choxbox said...

kenny, blogger seems rather hungry - ate up my comment too.

anyhoo, hope you're better now. take care etc.

Neha said...

Whenever i feel feverish, and i ask my parents, the answer is always "No. Not at all. You're actually cold.". Ever tried sticking your little finger under your tongue? It works for me!

Sraikh said...

Didnt I leave a get well soon comment as well? Or you just didnt publish it?

Anyways, get a thermometer and get well soon.

choxbox said...

hey all okay?

Jeevan Baretto said...

Two days of rest turned out to be two weeks of rest! Get well soon :)

Airspy said...

Oh i missed you. I thought you were just too busy. But this is sad. Please get well soon. Get to cooler climes ( i wish i could recommend BLR but its too hot). Hope you have adequate help support n all. take care. i promise not to eat any RANDOM things :-). luv to monster

choxbox said...

did i reply to your text? cant remember.. been running around all day. if i haven't - get okay soon. and don't listen to airspy - blr is not that hot yet - come off. have some crazy plans for the weekend - going off to mysuru with just the girls as the husband will be outta town, wanna join us?!