Thursday, 5 February 2009

Lift me up!

So here Dipali has tagged me to do a story about the 6th photo and so on. I generally don't do photos. I mean not just on this blog. I rarely seem to take photos. And when I do, I almost never download them. And when I do, I never put them anywhere that anyone can see. So they lie there till one fine day the hard disk crashes and oh well. Cut to story.

The guy was called Pothathaana. Close family members will readily recall this person. He was mad. At least we thought so - we are sane, he is mad. I am sure he thought the same - I am sane, they are mad, those two kids with their faces on the iron gate with the creeper of jasmine on top... His claims to fame were many. To list a few:
1. He wore many clothes one on top of the other. Shorts with long pants beneath. That sort of thing.
2. He chattered continuously to himself in long English sentences (wait, that could be another person who was called 'Asper' by us. Maybe they were the same. The mind is weak).

These were his salient features. So whenever the inclination overcame one of us to, say, wear pants and then a skirt on top of it, we called it a 'Pothathaana Dress' and derived much giggling from it, both from the sound of the word and from the concept itself.

The name is attributed, as most creative exercises of my childhood, to my big bear of a cousin. He turned a very unhealthy fifty-two in January this year, but back then he was an angst-filled rebellious fellow in college who gave us many books, drew incredible things starting with two pencil scratches, and amused us no end.

So, Pothathaana. I am sure that fellow has long since passed on to places where he will not be considered mad. But his memory remains in our family. As a sartorial style, a remembering of those long-ago days of jasmines, and that bitter-sweet feeling of many a lost innocent childhood.

(that is a photo taken in a lift and that is an outfit that is meant to be worn 'Pothathaana' style).

And yes, I pass on this photo-story tag to you girls - pg, chox, airspy, wordjunkie.


choxbox said...

HI cutie!

(thats for non-M)

choxbox said...

And, tag done milady.

PG said...

kenny - i posted a comment. has it showed up? cant type it all over again.

dipali said...

Nice story and lovely picture!

asaaan said...

Cute monster.
Hey my girls do that fashion too. Wear a dress/skirt with tights/jeans/pants. They claim its fashionable and I do not know anything.

kbpm said...

chox- good girl
pg- sorry lost in cyberspace. :(
dipali- tks
asaaan- yeah what do we know, right? anyway i suppose they are right because stores are selling them in that manner.