Friday, 9 January 2009

This friday is for my feet

So as everyone and their aunt knows my foot was bothering me. It still is. I mean I am okay enough to run and walk and jump and all as I am wont to, but the foot is not 100%. In fact both feet. I feel funny things in them. Maybe it is in my mind. Highly possible. At any rate, I requested my maid to help me by wiping an old pair of chappals that suddenly surfaced from somewhere this morning while I bathed and battled the child. She did it with poor grace (why? what is her problem? has been giving me lip since last week and then acting all innocent and wide-eyed in surprise if I call her on it) and I wore it to work. It looked nice and flat and comfy. I had brought lunch in a dabba (yes, a good old fashioned multi-story stainless steel creation) and fully intended to stay here till evening working away at this and that. But then at 10:45 I felt something funny in my feet. I was sure it was my foot speaking again. Blast it. But it was the damn chappal on the left. Its strap had weasled out. I had to pee. I hobbled barefoot to the bathroom holding chappal in hand, with the idea that I would just wear it in its broken state while in the bathroom (hello! cannot possibly enter that den of bacteria barefoot!) and then figure out what to do about it. Phutuk. The strap on the right one broke as well. Incredible! Both chappals within 15 minutes of each other!

I had to mutter about petrol pump closure, thank heavens that I have a semi-full tank and I had sent away my driver (ever since I discovered that he has been using my car to teach driving to some people here but could not prove it, I am tenterhooks about leaving my car with him, so today I sent him back home after he brought us here), and listening to some funny music I went home and came back wearing another pair (thank heavens I have another pair, it is not assured. I have several pairs of sports shoes but very very few normal things to wear in my feet. Plus I lost a pair two weeks ago long painful story).

I think I have to be more careful of my feet now. I have a longer run scheduled tomorrow morning. I have been very adventurous in wearing new and very old stuff in the recent past. But now I will stop. I will stick to tried and tested footwear alone, which gives me (a)my running shoes which are super muddy from last week and (b)my Bata hawai chappal which has tire treads on it.

Meanwhile I ate lunch reading blogs. It was good and fulfilling all around, and I thank my dear cook immensely as she packed my dabba exactly right although I had told her I would do it once I finished dealing with Ms.SmartyPants bathing and breakfast needs.

I resolve yet again to pay attention to my talking feet this week (It is true. It talks in a clickety voice, like an olden day mechanical device).


Babbi said...

oh.. thats a sad shoe tragedy..but this is when you realise that a)a little bone in your left foot's little thumb is also a VERY important part of the body b)remember - shoes/chappals always ditch you on your way to the office/college, and NEVER on your way back home !!

dipali said...

Poor feet! Give them loads of TLC:)

kbpm said...

babbi - true!
dipali - yeah. i am horrid at such things. i will give them mental TLC. :)

choxbox said...

i bravely went and got a hip bling pair. it broke within a month and i swear i do no running in them (or in any other for that matter). so back to my good ol' dr.schols thingies. they look very un-hip and un-pseud and granny-ish but are awesomely comfy. try them.

dipali said...

Physical, Kenny! Soak in warm saline water type stuff.