Friday, 16 January 2009

Am I so far gone?

For the past week I have been wearing two watches on my left hand. The daughter commented on it and suggested I wear one on the right hand. But I don't like to have a watch on my right hand, it feels weird somehow. But two on the left felt fine so I went with it. The logic is v e r y s i m p l e. I repaired my spare watch so I can wear it when I work out. So I have some sense of time generally. But watches don't work if you just keep them in the house, at least not mine (watch that is, not house). They need to feel you, your body, your warmth (I know, really, whats up with that.) So I decided to wear it around till at least the Marathon. But then the regular watch would stop working so I came up with this solution. And I must say its convenient and I have no issues with it.

Now if you see me sporting two watches, there are several things you can do:
1. Ignore it. Act suave. Go on, you can do it.
2. Say, "Oh! Your manager screwed up and you are signed up by Tommy and Titan simultaneously? You poor dear"
3. Think "Must be a big fan of Amitabh Bacchan"
4. Exclaim "Dah-link what a style statement. Mua. Mua."
These are options, definitely.

Thus far, this is what has happened in reality:
1. "Are you trading stocks on NYSE?" I don't even know what a stock is okay (apart, of course, from vegetable versus chicken stock for soups and such). And WTF is NYSE? And how exactly is this comment relevant?
My response: Asinine smile and got the hell out of there.
2. "Is the other one a countdown watch for the marathon?" I liked this. Good one. Good idea.
My response: Oh dear, what a fantastic idea. But no, both show the same time.
3. "Madam aap do watch pehen chuke ho!" Okay, the presumption being that, I am SO absent-minded that I first wore one watch, forgot about it, fished the other one out from its repository, and wore that too, without noticing that the first one was already there. I swear FOUR people made this comment, no less.
My response: stunned silence in each case.

So now I know what people think of me. I may as well check myself into the asylum while I remember to...


choxbox said...

i confess: i did think NYSE and stock trading.

Ludwig said...

excellent. some points to ponder on train. what to tell kennyji?

kbpm said...

ludwig. well yeah.
chox. WHAT IS THAT. Seriously. You MBA types are really something else.

Serious Lounger said...

kenny, you can send one watch across to me - the brat and seal pup will take care of it for you.. :D :P..

Anonymous said...

the two watch treatment is working on my inner clock:

what happens when:
the time is 10.10
and someone asks you what time it is.
and you said it was 10.10 --

and what if the person thought you were just saying it because you wore two watches (and the time was really 10.)

or you could say 10.10, 10.10 -- but that would be a mouthful and more stylish than most can take on an average day.
yes, if there's room in the asylum... count me in

kbpm said...

okay will do.

we will walk in hand in hand into the institution. of course.

PG said...


Sraikh said...

My first thought was that one was heart rate monitor type wala watch. i think my reason is the coolest. Use mine next time someone asks u again

wordjunkie said...

If this were a Tamil film, you could have explained it away as"One is time, one is next time".

(Hey , it always works in Tamil films!!!.)

dipali said...

Next time, if ever, I see someone wearing two watches, I shall politely ignore:) Good lessons, you teach, Kenny!

Perakath said...

The NYSE thing was quite smart, actually... and :D at Wordjunkie!

kbpm said...

wj, yes, i know. its a senthil type joke i can picture it. i think he does something with two bananas in some movie. the monster giggles immensely at that.

perakath. of course. if i could understand it i am sure it would be hilarious!!

sraikh, that would be good too except i am not much of a gizmo person!

dipali, pg HOKAY DOKAY

choxbox said...

mumbai half? kyaa hua?