Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Back from the beyond

I am back from there and everywhere else and everything has hit the fan. The New Year 2009 resolution is to be even more positive and to really, not procrastinate (my favourite thing to do). I vaguely toyed with the idea of cleaning my office till some guy came and told me its a sign of genius, so will leave that the well alone. Despite my desperate efforts of yesterday morning to find that notebook. Finally it turned up around 3 pm and really, its a wonderful notebook full of pithy notes in my small handwriting.

It is a year of changes that is for sure. But it is first of all a year of staying focussed on the 18th. My excuses are already accumulating, since my foot injury of last month. But thanks to Guns and Ludwig and JDB and my various other running friends, I don't want to accord any of them to my own self. I have discovered, over the last month, that no matter what, it is a pleasure to run. Even if it was not about losing weight and doing well at the Mumbai half; and despite the vague aches and pains associated with it, it is a pleasure. A pure one of sorts. That is the thought to focus on this year. In the past month I have run in Chennai in the most sylvan of surroundings in the old alma matter; I have run on a treadmill somewhere freezingly cold in Chandigarh; I have walked across watery rocks and run on a sandy beach in Goa (From Aguada to nearly Baga and back); I have given up on the army of dogs and run on a nice winding small town road-side also in Goa; I have run around the park in front of my building - an infinite number of loops; in addition to my usual route. It has all been wonderfully fulfilling, mind-clarifying and just pure oxygen for the lungs enjoyable.

My personal ups and downs and goods and bads of the year 2008 have to unfortunately wait as now its time to go and make Bread Upma for breakfast.


dipali said...

Telepathy, Kenny- I had already planned to make bread upma when I read this.
And though I don't run, my walks give me that happy feeling:)

wordjunkie said...

That pure feeling you talk about - that's how I feel about swimming.