Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Never Be Late Kenny!

NOTE TO SELF:: Never Be Late To Pick Monster Up

It was just a few minutes. I was not gallivanting. I was in a meeting. I stepped out of the meeting soon as I could. There were still other kids who were yet to be picked up (somehow that makes me feel like a million bucks. ha!). I was dog tired and stepped out of the car.

The lady burst out laughing looking at me.

I was like, What The Fuck Did I Do Now? (Fly Check/Boob Check/Hair Check: All Clear). So what?

Anyway before I tell you, a small aside re: lady who runs the thing monster goes to. She is very small. Very cute. Very hip & happening. Very loved by all the kiddos. Per monster, she is veering more towards akka than aunty because of her size (shortie like you, amma, I believe she said) and her clothes (no sari-vari amma, not even salwar kameez). Ouch. I like her a lot, especially because the kids just adore her but do listen to her a fair bit. I wish I could be like that (not the akka part, I am happy to be called aunty, thank you very much)...

Usually, the monster, who talks a lot, and who I think has not stopped chattering for many years now, is a bit shy in outside the home situations. She saves all her crap for me, mostly, and a bit for her dad, and of course, small percentages for grandparents and close friends and so on. But I think I have mentioned earlier here that she is opening up a bit of late. At first I was happy. I mean, its a bit annoying to have a super-shy creature rubbing against you in public, right? I am not so sure anymore.

Today she told the akka/aunty lady, these several things (about me!):

"My mother must be late because she must be busy running" (Oo)
"She is thirty six years old but still insists on running everywhere" (Oh)
"She can even sprint very fast" (Yeah)
"She runs to her class, she runs up the stairs, basically she runs like a mad person" (Ouch)

Dude, what the heck? I was in meetings the whole day. I was really hoping to run but circumstances are/were not conducive. But that is beside the point. Just on Sunday we were at a dance show which was late starting (of course), and a hapless individual called Thomson was called on stage to receive some flowers or something. The monster said "Oh wonderful! Thompson and Thomson are here now, whats next?" (At which point, Kenny, Kenny's husband, Guns, Guns' wife, and ludwig loudly said "she is not with us"). When this one hits teenage, I am taking sanyas. You heard it here first.


SrgntPepper said...

actually you should have one more! this is so much fun for the rest of us ;)

kbpm said...

with friends like you...

dipali said...

The Monster truly rocks!
We want more:)

Sands said...

she sounds like a riot :)

ChoxBox said...

ROFLing @ thomson & thomson!

heartily agree with srgtpepper. you won't even need to take sanyas then. just put 'em together in a room and walk err.. run off!

Ludwig said...

I really didn't expect that she'd pipe up like that, you know. I think I'm going to have to watch out when I make public appearances in her company. You, unfortunately, don't have that option, for a few years more anyway.

Good luck.

kbpm said...

ludwig- i bet you taught these things to her quietly when i was not looking. bad ludwig.
dipali, sands- what are you saying?
chox- stop it already!