Sunday, 28 February 2010

there, that is now done - 3 idiots

3 idiots. You know I totally say Eye-Dee-Ots sometimes when I mean idiots. I like the sound of Eye-Dee-Ots better. Anyway, I have done the needful and watched the movie everyone is talking about, just about a month (or is it two?) late.

* I double-checked that the copy that was displayed was original and not pirated (I hope ...).
* It was at an Open Air Theater (yes, girls, read it, and get all nostalgic now, the same one)
* All three of us managed to go (the husb. and the monster and I, I mean, of course).
* We sat on the steps and not the plastic patio furniture that passes as seating in India
* I did borrow a non-transferable set of passes for it though from ma friend deshvaasi

So that box was checked last night.

You know I like Madhavan, right? I mean, it was all I could do to restrain myself when I saw him at Kochi airport couple of years ago. Well, not really, he is cute in a chubby teddy bear-ish kind of way, and although this might be a bit subjective because I like him, I think he has more of an acting ability than the rest of the people around. I have watched a lot of his junk movies, and even held my breath for that bit when he is not dead in Rang De Basanti.

But it is a bit of a stretch to see him be a college boy. Admittedly the kids are huger and huger of late. But still. Aamir Khan and Maddy boy? And boss, that Kareena Kapoor looked totally weird. She is beginning to remind me of this species of insect. But at least she was not scary like she was when she was of giant proportions in that Akshaye Khanna movie.

Its all good. One should follow ones dreams and passions. One should not put undue pressure on children. One should be at all moments compassionate and understanding of children and students. One should bear in mind that suicides amongst young people are at an unprecedented high currently, and figure out Jadoo ki Jhappi type ways of solving that problem. It felt like a good follow up to Taare Zameen Par. Today we discuss primary education, and demonstrate how to fix that up through art. Next up: Higher education and how to work a holistic solution out for that. I wonder whats next? (Yo Bhagat boy, sold the next set of rights yet?)

Of course, its a movie. It was enjoyable. I laughed at all the Balaatkaar and Chamatkaar and jokes of that form. I closed my eyes though when all that pulling of that poor baby happened. Interesting idea, though, I admit. I hate urinals and cannot stand the sight of them so I really wish men would just get their own stalls and do their business in a stall and not stand there and pee into the urinals. So it was a bit of a pain that I had to endure so much of men peeing and so many shots of those blasted urinals. Not to mention the whole pants funda. Actually to be frank I thought I would be a lot more grossed out by the whole lets all take off our pants and waggle our bums which everyone was talking about, than when it finally was there in that giant big screen. College is a good place to finish up this sort of thing, get over it, get it out of your system, and move on in life. Likewise, community showers.

Dude, I wish I could be a wildlife photographer. It sounds totally cool. Since my latest obsession is Zola Budd, the ideal scenario would be to be that in South Africa. And to run with Emus and stuff, in the mornings, as training. Training for nothing, of course. But no one need fear. My parents did NOT force me into anything. They had an opinion and made sure I agreed with said opinion by packing me off to talk to many of their friends by myself, without them coming along. I was on that train of my own free will. I felt no angst really, watching that movie, except for a harmless thought about South Africa. And what? Its still possible in this life time to do that at least once (which might be good enough, why not?).

I have my frustrations with my chosen line of work, but I think I have said this once before here (I remember being borderline offensive then, 'pologies, peoples), but I can say it again. I am me because I want to be. Which probably sounds idiotic to some people, because of the caricaturisation of teachers and professors in the movie, but hey, like I said, its a movie. Its cool. Someones got to be the bad guy. Someones got to be the greedy dork wearing the US flag as underwear, someones got to wear his pants up in his chest and be all loud and obnoxious and not listening to the hero's very sound view point. Bollywood movies cannot be expected to leave you loose ends to figure out in your head. They cannot be expected to give you two perspectives.

Its all good. As a woman who is an engineer and a teacher of engineering in a college filled to the brim with legal adults who claim to have been forced to come here, and a human being who is here because she genuinely wants to be, I say this. Its a movie. And parts of it are really true. And it was funny and feel good, damn good things for a movie to be.


ChoxBox said...

Of late have been feeling totally sick of the not-putting-pressure fundae. So certainly not going to watch this one. Except if you'd told me it was at OAT - then I might have carted myself over.

Plan to land up in your city after two weeks btw, please to not run off to SA or Chennai Beach or some such then.

kbpm said...

chox- chalo, lets not miss each other this time. meet near the elephants OK?

Bannu said...

It was fun watching it at OAT. Could have done without so many pee-jokes and of course the insects: mosquitoes in real and Kareena in reel.

Poppins said...

Watch it Choxbox - as KBPM says - it is only a movie. And a nice one too. Regardless of all the over-analytical reviews I've read - I liked yours the best. Wonder why people expect that movies must educate, me I have simple desire - I just go to haffun :)

Perakath said...

No acting awards for the movie, I noticed.

ChoxBox said...

done danaa done done. self and baby logs.

Sue said...

I'm glad you wrote this response to the movie, Kenny. I think people have been reading far too much into it too. As just a movie it's great fun. I honestly didn't see a deeper message.

BTW the word verification says Premi. Just thought you'd like to know. :)

Sands said...

liked it too for the fun part. The whole baby thing was a tad too much for me :)

Sands said...

BTW am a Madhavan fan too but like you said was a stretch seeing him play a student role :)