Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Mother's Day

I know, it was INTERNATIONAL women's day yesterday (cue: drum rolls).
I don't know what it means. I don't know what it means to me, not just in a global sense. Its something. Its supposed to indicate something. Who came up with it anyway? I don't know. Should I do something different because its, you know, there? (such as, dress less like a man). But whatever I do different from my usual because its women's day is unnatural, a put on, like saying that I am less of a woman than I ought to be, so on this day, I do a tad bit more and be more of a woman. That makes limited sense now doesn't it? After all, I am me first. Then a woman.

Long ago, growing up, when we first heard of Mother's Day, we were very excited. So my sis and I, aided by dad, would try to figure out something to do for M.D. for mum. We recognised that she was over-worked, and that she loved us (and we loved her back though only dad ever said that out loud and made all the three of us blush pink because we are middle class south indian family who do not say love and romance and of course there is no falling in love as a concept. so much so that when it happens to you you wonder what on earth this break from reality is, blink, and what the fuck, how do i handle it?). anyway, it was the biggest joke. we would clumsily try to help her out saying 'its mother's day it means we treat you like a queen' dad would spill something or break the pressure cooker. sis would promptly have one of her legions of fans call on her for gupshup. i would have homework or the incredible urge to spill some gum and cut some papers and generally create a mess. mum would go about her business, ignoring us, and only briefly thanking us for the pen we would buy for her as a gift (mostly with the idea of stealing it later). over the years 'mother's day' became a family joke. we would use the term to talk about how even the best(est) of intentions are just not enough.

what would i do to celebrate women's day? what would i like people to do for women's day? do i feel any gender bias, on a regular basis? (yes, of course). does that debilitate me, make me hold myself back, change me, make a different person out of me? (luckily, no). am i convinced that women should take over the world and men just suck? (no, come on, they have their uses. :-)). whatever.


Sraikh said...

I am cracking up at Powerpuff girls.

I only knew it was women's day from all the blog posts. Nothing else in the rest of the internet world...Who came up with this btw? Its a Western thing or Indian or what?

ChoxBox said...


The smallest one in these parts read 'Women's Day' somewhere and said why not Men's Day? Poor Papa. Its not fair.

wordjunkie said...

nail on head, absolutely!
Amen and all that!

Ok, my word verification was 'phite'.. :)