Monday, 8 March 2010

Discipline out the window

sometimes you just have to write when you are better occupied proofing that thing you are supposed to proof. but hey! whats life without a morning dose of indiscipline?

monday morning.

up with the larks.

what on earth are larks, anyhow? must check with the monster. who, lately, claims to be the world's leading expert on all matters related to fauna (not so much flora, however, she is still in a world where the big orange coloured leaves are innumerable setting suns arraying themselves around the tree trunk and branches).

my list brimmeth over today.

my new year's un-resolution to not procrastinate is lying by the way-side.

i can argue that i am behind on those (ten) tasks because i am way too busy. because i have too much on my plate. but who really verifies the authenticity of these statements?

i have a perfect one for you. i used to attend to some of my tasks while driving around in the car (i have a driver, 'my driver does not irritate me like this. if i tell him to go to a place, he does. without asking me a billion times if its this turn or that or that other one out there. my driver...' i told the husband yesterday. i reined in my bad mood at his tendency to put on a pedestal and get pigeon shit on my distinct lack of sense of direction). i would pop open the trusted (ha!) vaio and di-da-daa in the car, in sundry parts of the city. but now i don't dare do that. not after that noise it emitted (and subsequent death of OS).

so obviously, i have to sit in the car and stare and ruminate and watch the world pass by and wonder how crazy i am that my favourite way of sight-seeing is by running past sights. i would run past the taj mahal - wordjunkie rocked that wonder of the world, recently, i remembered that i have only a vague memory of a nasty paan ridden city and a greying marble edifice in the middle of it - so yes, now i want to go to Agra and run past, and hope to not get paan spit on my shoes.

--> inspired by her, i sketched one of the house favourites, Pippi Longstocking. "Hi Monster" she said, waving her skinny hands and wearing her leaf skirt. "Bunk bed with study table below, huh?" she said hanging upside down from a beam. it was so fun. though the monster threw those papers back at me (i had pretended that they landed up somehow in my hand and that it was some sort of note for her) and said 'stop it amma, i know its you who drew these things'

heres to a wonderful week ahead! to colourful days! to striking things off lists! to friends! you know i love you all my wonderful friends, i love your quirks too and hope you will tolerate mine!!


wordjunkie said...

whoa! that's a great idea - famous monuments of India as seen while zipping by!A great calendar in the making !

can we see your sketch, pretty please?

ChoxBox said...

*they are zipping past usually

ChoxBox said...

and deer (not a monument but still) seen while zipping past them. tables turned on - given that they are zipping past.

Pipa said...

Please take her to see the omega-shaped worms and let us know what she thinks.