Thursday, 4 February 2010

Sania Mirza & So On

Well, not that whole breaking off her engagement funda. Dude, it doesn't matter to me. I like her when she wins matches, not so much when she does not. I think her clothes are too flashy, but then I think that most definitely about the Williams sisters and well, so maybe I just don't know. I do think she needs to lose weight, but then again, Serena Williams needs to lose some boobs, so whatever!! But sometime ago she was in the news for her T-shirts, remember that? They used to say stuff on them. That bit I like. I don't wear t-shirts to work - though the temptation is strong - believe me. But otherwise, I wear them a lot. Here is a sampler of things my t-shirts say, obviously, things I like:

1. Run Like A Girl
2. My Pace Or Yours?
3. Chocolate or Sin? (I lost this one, so have forgotten the exact words!)
4. RUN
5. Extreme Weekends
6. Recycle or Die
7. Its Not PMS Its You (of course, my all time favourite)
8. India Rocks (I don't like this so much anymore, I bought it when I was living in the US)
(How could I forget this one, gifted to me years ago? -
9. Don't Piss Me Off I Am Running Out of Places to Hide the Bodies
The husband has several I like too, such as Chennai is Famous for Idli, Dosa, Marina Beach & ME!

Of course, I have exactly TWO sources for my t-shirts (in case you think they are cool and want do get yourself some; or, you think they are crap and want to make sure to avoid that line). Can you guess what they are?

Well, no, no contest there.

One lot is from Tantra of course. They totally rock with their tees. The other stuff is totally Nike Dryfit. I am loving loving loving the Nike Dryfit Tees, they are superb. Although, I do admit to wearing Asics at Mumbai.



Diwakar Sinha said...

I happen to lie on the other end of stick...prefer plain T's to the 'written' ones...

ChoxBox said...

yup tantra does great stuff.

the kid's got one that says 'you pinch my cheeks i pull ypur hair' after one nasty character almost made her cheeks bleed.

Perakath said...


kbpm said...

So now I need to get one that says


Bannu said...

I believe in balanced diet. One ice cream in each hand

Sonia said...

In my mind I am a Kenyan

chronicworrier said...

Thank you thank you for pointing out Tantra. You ought to ask them to give you a comission or something..they got another regular buyer.