Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Good, The Bad, and You Know..

After plotting for weeks, Bannu & I finally met up yesterday evening for a fun session of kids, sand, running and such like. Of course, we are blessed with a wonderful stadium where there is always the off chance of sighting the graceful loping movements of a herd of deer. With a 400 m track to die for. And a sand pit, though meant for jumps, which is great for the kids to get crazy in.

The good part was that Bannu's little one, urf, RRJ, and my monster, who had fought like cats on Sunday evening (reasons long-winded and explained at length in the car with a guilty look, so I presume the monster was to blame), overcame their differences and had fun. I don't know what they did but no one accosted me at 390 m with "AMMA STOP THE CRAZY RUNNING ALREADY" so I give it a good rating.

Now, in addition to Bannu & RRJ, Peace and her little one Thomo were there too. This gang of three was all fractionated and factioned out on Sunday, so Bannu & I were a bit worried about the team dynamics. But it was all fine, and like I said, no one bothered me as I looped so it was cool.

As we got ready to leave, Thomo said 'Is it six yet?' I innocently said yes. I had my mobile with me. Its pretty ruined anyway so I was sweating into it and using the stopwatch to figure out lap timings and such like - not seriously or anything, just sort of casually. Anyway, I said, yes, its six. So Thomo and RRJ said they were ready to head out because they were going to watch (a)Chota Bheem and (b)Ben10 - or such things. My monster, being the most original parrot to cross over from across the Bridge of Rama, started jumping up and down, remembered it all the way home, and insisted on watching 1+ hours of Tom & jerry at home. "All the cool kids are doing it, Amma"

The ugly are my toes. Machan, I tell you, I have to do something about them. The nails are all nasty and the last toe - little one that is, is particularly gross looking over all. Some of the tips I have received on this, from various sources:
(a) Paint them a darker colour - while I would technically be OK with the Gothic Black Nail Polish look, I cannot be bothered. Yet.
(b) Cut your toe nails regularly dammit - ludwig, stop it okay, I do. I am very regular like that. In most things.
(c) Lace your shoes looser because your toes swell when you run
(d) Lace your shoes tighter because its all caused by dreaded friction
(e) Do nothing, ignore it, it will go away

--> That last one sounds good to me. Just don't look at my nasty toes in the meanwhile, you. Go away now, Shoo.


Poppins said...

Oh my husband used to have the ugly toes when he would play too much Tennis. I think he used to use this thing called moleskin or something to cover his toes, and then it got better.

The line about the parrot? brilliant!

ChoxBox said...

Hey girl I'm the sort who'd say DONT IGNORE.

And Poppy, you should know Kenny by now - she made that line up.

Bannu said...

The good was as good as it can get with the suspects involved. About the toe, ignore for present but what about slighlty loose socks for future?

"Peace" nice name!