Wednesday, 23 September 2009


You know how that thing from Kentucky was supposed to be only referred to by its initials because expanding the initials made it sound unhealthy? Being of the vegetarian variety myself, it hardly mattered to me. I mean you could take a chicken and fry it beef lard and smear it with pig-fat and serve it and I would not bat an eyelid, cause you know what, I DONT EAT THAT STUFF!

So I was on this cruise right, in Pittsburgh. Apparently there are rivers and there is a cruise you go on and the boats real nice (and yes, they have bathrooms, and not bad, not bad, better than those in the Chennai airport). You see the baseball and the football stadia and a bunch of other things and this REALLY ugly building that is the Medical Center here. And yeah, a bar and a buffet dinner.

Big hoop silver earrings the girl was wearing and a black vest. I said
"What kind of beers do you have"
"Miller Lite; Coors Lite; MGD"
(What the hell? Who drinks that stuff? I mean, there are a lot of American things I like, even pasty-faced white boys with floppy blonde hair at times, but EVERYONE knows that these are crap beers. There ARE American beers I like, for various reasons. Cannot live in New England for so long and not drink Sam Adams, for one)
(And LIGHT, it is, like NIGHT, FIGHT).

Anyhow, MGD is obviously and evidently Miller Genuine Draft. As opposed to the other Millers which are fake, of course. So I say
"Fine, give me that Genuine Draft crap, whatever it might be"
(and Please, get rid of the vest and stock some real beers for a change)
"Oh, you mean the MGD"
(WTF? I am not even supposed to EXPAND initials anymore. Thats uncool now? I tell you WHATS uncool. Drinking this thing. And for nought I care. I am real tired and I can use some alcoholic stimulants to get me over my jet-lag and stuff, so here, talk to the hand, woman with the hoop earrings).

So, yeah. But thankfully, I had other opportunities to sample the things I come all the way to the land of tissue and toilet paper for: Guinness; Starbucks; and Speciality Runners Stores.

I am headed back to base today. Mind-blowingly long travel. 36+ hours. I usually drink Gin w Tonic Water on flights. And SLEEP AND SLEEP.


Serious Lounger said...

36 hrs??? thought flights had gotten shorter..

kbpm said...

yeah definitely shorter. but i am in Pittsburgh and have layovers in JFK and Mumbai before I reach Chennai. Net flying time is maybe 18 hours though, which is good, but hanging out in airports, not so good :-(

SrgntPepper said...

do you need company in mumbai to down an KF or two?

wordjunkie said...


*(sorry, could not resist)

Poppins said...

I see the tag says Breakfast Bagels and I am seriously dreaming about them toasted with Cream Cheese. Ahh. :(
Food is the biggest thing I miss about the US (come to think of it, when I lived there I salivated about the roadside chaat in india, but have not gone near that stuff since moving back)

Poppins said...

Your tag says Breakfast Bagels. Yum. Salivating about the toast and cream cheese.

Hope you had a good trip, bad beer notwithstanding. I, having lived only in California personally prefer Mexican beers : aka Tecate and Corona

dipali said...

May your jet lag disappear even before it appears:)

kbpm said...

Sorry saw this too late. Was just holed out in the airport as it was some odd time of night. Plus there was usual confusion about my bags and immigration and so on. Next time!

Dipali- Yeah I am doing fine!

Poppy- Yes, I like them but they are probably really unhealthy (the cream cheese part).

WJ- :-)

Jeevan Baretto said...

And you said you would call up. Hope you had a good time.