Friday, 18 September 2009


Today, I got my eyebrows done. 'Eyebrow Hair Cut' the monster calls it. I used to love to go to the American places since they wax instead of threading. But thats fine. Its Chennai. Threading it is. The place is called Limelight by the way. Not really sure why. The girl asked me if I am Malayali. Of course its a compliment! Must polish up my Malayalam now. Which I like, starting with the fact that it is a Palindrome. As are Dad and Mum, monster reminds me often. In Kannada the most famous ones are Ka-La-Ki and Vi-Ka-Ta-Ka-Vi. The husband disses those palindromes because they are not palindromic when written in English. But pffft.

Basically I am trying to say that I am flying out tonight. After I just returned from Kalpakkam day before (where, I was asked, are you a student? Duh. You invited me, go check your emails dude).

I am making the monster finish all the Holiday Homework before I leave. Thankfully she is feeling enthu about it. Except for the one homework I really thought she would enjoy - A Book Review. Loves books but refuses to tell them why. Go figure.

Emails! Packing! Lists! Passport! Presentation! Shirts! Cuff Links!



dipali said...

Have a good trip!
Loved the eye brow hair cut!

choxbox said...

huh? book review at 5?! well if she has to, ask her to do laura ingalls wilder no?

LOL@ being mistaken for student. don't blame them at all. maybe when you're like 70 they'll finally get it right!

have a good trip wherever you are headed to.

Sands said...

I have a kid like that too. Loves books but does not care much to review them :)
Have a lovely trip. Is it vacation or work?

kbpm said...

dipali- thanks! funny, eh?
chox- not so much a review as answering three perfectly reasonably questions about the book. & ha ha. 70.
Sands- thats good to know. i am mulling over a parenting theory related to this.

asaaan said...

Did you buy the jewelery after the eybrow hair cut?

And Cuff links??

kbpm said...

asaaan- nope, no jewelry! cuff links because i wear French Cuff shirts (stitched in a bygone era) when i go up to make presentations sometimes. Anyway I forgot to bring them so cannot wear that shirt unless I let the sleeves hang all the way out and pretend its the fashion. :-) :-)