Thursday, 8 October 2009

No. I Don't Have Blog Block.

See, the first thing to do is to deny it.

Apparently, a classic leadership technique is to take issues and trivialise them.

I am good at that.

I am trivialising my blog block.
I am trivialising my tendency to spell things with s rather than z.
I am trivializing my irritation with the red squiggly.

I even wrote a poem recently, so there, what block? who block? It went like this:

Time, how it flies
Like a bird with wings.
Look at us now,
you and I.
Sitting here eating,
listening to music,
and checking emails.

For those of you taking a class on poetry and such like, monster girl, was writing emails to her cousins. And we were listening to The Beatles. She likes Yellow Submarine. I like Norwegian Wood. Neither of those songs make sense to me. But I still like them. Or therefore I like them.

There. Its done. The flood gates are opened. Let the fun begin.


dipali said...

Yayyy- Kenny's back:)

Serious Lounger said...

mine aint a block - it is a drought - have been swamped with work both at home and work and have been feeling the loss of the muse..

Perakath said...

Great post :) Love the poyem.

choxbox said...

Waiting to get inundated!

wordjunkie said...

waiting with scuba gear by the floodgates..bring it on!
The Beatles are right up there in my head with Dylan - no idea what the songs mean and what terrible voices y'all, but damned if they aren't addictive.

Sands said...

good to see you back here:)

Bannu said...

It is my turn to hope that my comment makes it through as the last one didn't. Wanted to say you are as naughty as your monster for not letting me know you had a blog of your own! Thoroughly enjoying your posts.

kbpm said...

Naughty? I thought I was very clever! Actually, I wanted to surprise you with a comment last month itself but my browser was acting cranky and then I forgot that I could just tell you about it when I met you!
Thanks dear!