Thursday, 10 September 2009

Other things I should be doing now

Like right now,I should be packing the innumerable bags that divvy up my day into wholesome segments.

* School Drop Off: Pink School Bag (Check Diary); Pink Plastic Lunch Basket (Check Napkin)
* Freedom Office Morning: Black and Blue Laptop Bag
* Relaxed Lunch Reading Blogs: Black and Blue Stan Chart Mum Marathon Bag with Multiple Dabbas (Check Spoon)
* Hot Afternoon School Pick Up: Red Sammie Kids Backpack with innumerable items such as clothes, snacks, books to read, books to write, books to draw, and so on
* Chennai through the day: My Nasty Old Asha Cloth Handbag (Hope my mom never sees me carrying it, she will get furious) with: Mobile, Wallet, Thousands of Papers from here and there; Whisper; Pens; Pencils; Calculator; and ex-roommate
* Scary Concept Shoe Bag: With Sandals for After School (of matching colour, lest, the fashion fairy admonish me)
* Useless Dance Bag: With dance dress in three parts; and a notebook (Okay that was yesterday, and she refused to go anyway).

The other thing I could be doing is putting clothes away, uniforms by the truckload, little skirts, and undies by the gallon.

Oh hell, am out of here.


Space Bar said...


vw: brave.

choxbox said...

and do you have a mega-bag to carry them all?

Perakath said...

School diary! I'd forgotten about that. We had to carry ours every day. Along with our hymn book.