Monday, 29 October 2007

Wild Life

So its Monday morning and I have had a real hectic weekend and should REALLY be preparing for tomorrow's commitments. But its too exciting.

This morning, I woke up a tad late, thanks to several wakings in the night for bathroom breaks. The brand new mattress pad (waterproof) demonstrated its waterproofness, but had to be sent off to the washing machine in the wee hours of the morning. I was in a bit of a bad mood because I was sure that if she had just listened to me and peed before going to sleep it would have been fine. This new funda of saying "NO" to all my suggestions is a bit annoying. I am dealing with it in my usual crazy way by uttering some philosophical mumbles and narrating stories about grumpy children.

Anyway had to show the house guest of last night the taxi stand so we descended from our flat at 8 am, monster and I (and the guest of course). I did my OM (Obsessive Mom) thing and made her wear a jacket although its October in Mumbai. She was of course happy to comply simply because the jacket is pink. So we dropped guest off, who had some conversations with cab driver, I was as clueless as ever about the extent to which the guy was ripping her off, but muttered some vague objections. On our way back, in a sudden surge of extreme love (despite the pink jacket), I picked up the monster and carried her part of the way. Then when I put her down we ran into the dogs, which was cool cause they had a black patch near their eye that made them look cute. Then we saw a squirrel near the stairs. It was scurrying around busily as usual. I remembered the story about Rama running his fingers on its back but neglected to narrate it to her. Then back into our concrete prison.

When we entered the creche premises, past the numerous pigeons and crows that are resident here, I realised that I was supposed to take her to her school first, not the creche. The creche aunties laughed at me for my absent-mindedness. Then I was off. The monster sprinted down the path to get to the car, I was still in a bit of an OM mode so I sprinted after her screaming, watch out watch out. In the process I dropped the school badge. We got into the car, panting, then went a few meters and I realised the badge thing. I told the driver to please take the car back. He went a few paces and stopped suddenly. I thought he must have spied some running children. But he said Saanp. I was all excited. My god, what speed this creature had. A huge one, seven feet I would say. It rushed off into the wild growth before the monster (who has never seen a snake in the wild) could see it, sorrily. But I saw it!

Another mother with child who was walking along totally freaked and asked me detailed statistics on bites and anti-venom availability and exact genus and venom level of the snake. I, like the idiot I am, told her that this was the fifth snake I had seen this month. She freaked so much at this that her kid (a large three year old boy) started howling. I had to contain my excitement and tell her inane stuff like ok if you dont step on them etc. they are quite harmless. She must have thought we are mad because we were jumping up and down, child trying to find where it went, and me, trying to judge its size (you HAVE to insist the snake it at least a foot longer than it actually is, you know that don't you?), while she seemed inclined to run in the opposite direction!

there is something about creatures in the wild, a beauty, a lissomeness, an innocence. Of course they can be aggressive, but it is kind of strange how scared we are of these poor creatures! I am not saying I am a cool wildlife loving person, not at all, am generally terrified of dogs, even tiny ones, have taken a long circuitous route once when I encountered a cat baring its teeth at me, and, at the sight of monkeys that are our companions here, I clutch bag to bosom tighter and move fast, out of their way. But I so wish I was comfortable with animals, I am sure it is much more fun than, say, dealing with cab drivers!


Laasya said...

Anything's more fun than handling cab / auto drivers.
For my 8th year birthday I was in Mysore,celebrated at my uncle's place in T K Layout.After the cake cutting and the photo session and the "Did you thank so and so for their gift?" session, everyone was proceeding towards the gate with me leading the group when all of a sudden I found myself 3 feet above the ground and being set down, gently,away from the gate and nearer the house.I looked up to see L uncle."Haavu," he said.(Snake, in kannada).Needless to say, I missed it. I would have galloped forth if only my mother wasn't holding me back (She knows me well,eh?).
Thinking back upon it now, I find it funny.But my mother never fails to remind me that if it hadn't been for my uncle that day,I'd probably have stepped on the snake and .... phew!

kbpm said...

Moms are so protective....& Uncles too I guess!! :-) Remind me to tell you the other story of the other snake in our other house sometime...

am reading this book by Gerald Durrell (A Zoo in my Luggage), its really wonderful though a bit dated.

choxbox said...

you do lead an exciting life!

Neha said...

oh, i LOVE snakes! I've always liked them. They're cool, in several ways. And though i have no idea how one goes aout caring for a pet snake, I'm sure it's easier than looking after a canary or even a little pup. I'd really like one as a pet, but my mom will NOT let me. I wonder why...

kbpm said...

now you have to visit me. i am moving to a new place. lots of snakes. i am trying to curb my fear of them by concentrating on their grace and beauty and the fact that they eat up rats. :-)
but yes, i suppose i would go nuts having a snake as a pet. i have enough with my poor undemanding goldfish!! i dont blame your mom!

Neha said...

Thanks, kbpm. You should know that I now live in a hostel that's home to quite a few snakes. The place is infested with bugs, slugs, snails, moths, butterflies, roaches, some little black things nicknamed 'Krunchies', and several unknown... um... things. There are also rats, cats, snakes, birds and monkeys. And just TWO girls, one of them being me. Maybe YOU should visit ME... There's more wildlife here than in Mumbai, I'm sure :P

kbpm said...

does your mom know? :-)
would love to visit, i do like pondicherry! will try to do this soon!