Thursday, 11 October 2007


this is a tag by way of choxbox. hope you enjoy. I dedicate the Last N to you choxbox.

K- Kids. I love them, I hate them. I spend enough time with them during a regular day to explore both sides, and hopefully deal maturely either way.
E- Emsworth, Lord of Blanding’s Castle. A favourite of sorts. Loses his glasses, much like the Kutchu of the CBSE text books fame, although they are on his head.
N- Name Place Animal Thing. Have lots of memories of infinite fun at this game, though I often got stuck at N and Animal (not bird).
N- National Anthem. We sing it often at home at the end of day’s play with neighbour girl.
Y-Yann Martel, memorable in Life of Pi as the creator of a tiger named (Sidney) Richard (thanks Laasya!) Parker.
B- Baby Einstein. Like the books, hate the videos. Annoying voice.
U- Umbrellas, what a pity my bright green one broke!
N- News. What I definitely don’t watch on TV. Newspapers. What I occasionally read.
K- Kenny, the original one. He is the tiny one in the orange jacket with hood in the TV series ‘Southpark.’ Famous for innocent looks, outrageous ideas, and filthy language.
P- Pink. Pink is the new black in our household. I am beginning to see its good side now, another lesson learnt from my monster child.
O- Oodles of fun, this exercise has been.
R- Room on the Roof. I wish I had one, though I would like one with high speed internet.
T- Triumphant Thirty Three. The thirties have been awesome so far, even better than the twenties. I had lots of fun in my twenties but the thirties are wonderful because I have searched my soul.
M- Mumbai Marathon Masala, coming up Jan ’08. Hoping to better my previous performances in the half, and, of course, enjoy Mumbai at its best.
A- Acknowledge Alliterations Above (please).
I- India (Chak De!). This is the mantra now. Unashamedly sung anytime, anywhere.
N- Nostalgia, an event in college & a fav indulgence of mine.
E- Ertl. Err, old guy, won the Chemistry Nobel today. I had predicted this back in 1996 in a meeting in Worcester, MA where he huffed through an invited lecture.


AirSpy said...

I have been living in a cloud lately...for probably ten days now. Am congested throughout, ears are blocked, eyes and nose are prepetually trickling - but i still wade through the circus of life, not bothering to differentiate between real and unreal, relevant or irrelavant, good, evil or devil - you get the idea. While looking for some code-fix in my cloud I accidentally clicked your blog, and what do i see? Is it the cloud or is it really real? You are playing TAG! Or is it kinda goodwill dance for the Navratri season?

kbpm said...

airspy, sorry to hear of your cloud troubles. glad to have you back in circ though! would you like to play tag too? cause i could so pass this treat on to you. go on, do it. write down stuff about you corresponding to floccinaucinihilipilification. go for it. do it.

navrathri. bleah.

choxbox said...

kbpm: thanks for the dedication. cant stop smiling now :) have lots of juice relevant to that actually.

Laasya said...

Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't the tiger named Richard Parker in Life of Pi?
Oh, hi, by the way!

kbpm said...

it is entirely possible. i will revise the subject and let you know. :-)

hi & all. how are you?

Laasya said...

Do you want the long true version or the short false version of the answer to how I am?

kbpm said...

laasya-try me the long version, i read fast! email me if you like, although my commentspace is your own too.. :-)

Laasya said...
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