Friday, 5 October 2007

Bridging the Gap

Two harried mothers in the car. Deep in discussion regarding purchase of second set of slates, for practicing writing at home. When suddenly,

Kid 1 (in Hindi):

How do you say What is your name in Tamizh?

Kid 2 (in Tamizh):

What is your name?

Kid 2 (in Hindi):

How do you say it in Malayalam?

Kid 1 (in Malayalam):

What is your name?

Harried mothers stop their inane discussion and laugh. They remember how harried father had asked, during the weekend, whether the two girls have any conversation, and how they had all been unaware of the possibilities.


csm said...

there you go.
well done kbpm.
kids are rocking. more so when there are no adults around to spoil their conversations :-)

choxbox said...

its very very interesting to observe kids when there are no adults around. :)

choxbox said...

hey why doesnt your blog accept my comments?!?!

kbpm said...

choxbox - paranoia has made me require owner approval for comments on my page. i did not have a chance to log on over weekend. therefore the delay. apologies, and thanks!