Thursday, 2 January 2014

'Tis The Season

Christmas songs are a big hit in our house. At least for the child. She sang them (slightly off-key) continuously. And wore a Santa Hat for much of the time. Close on the heels of all that, a New year rolled around. Like a mouse. Or rat (like the one I saw in the garden yesterday. Shudder).

Where has 2013 gone, I have mused. For the space of the two minutes it took to type out that paragraph, not more, I admit. Then I count. The things. Blessings (several). Bad things (some). Good things (a few). Trips (a nice number). Blog posts (an abysmal number). Of course, that's where the 12 months have gone. In the accumulating of those statistics.

2014 is a special year. Come April, it's going to get even more special. The child hits two digits. While I, well, I hit 40. I am looking forward to it. I feel like I deserve to be forty. I am not apprehensive. I am not sad. Just old.

We repaired our weighing machine after many long months in a fit of New Year enthusiasm. I found that I weigh as much as I did right after I gave birth to child. No kidding. I am proud, you could say. 'Cause I just ran 51.5 kms on Sunday. And felt pretty strong and generally happy doing it. I did run it slowly. So maybe that accounts for it. But I like being a few kilos heavier if it means I feel stronger.

A piece of lab equipment arrived on the scene yesterday. It is nothing important or exciting. But it completes a link and if all goes well allows us to start experimenting on things right away. But boy. It was big. "800 kgs" they said. I was flummoxed. I didn't think it was going to be that big. Good thing the ceilings are high in my lab.

We had a good season of veggie farming at home but sadly all is dead now (or consumed). An unexpected haul of crotons is all we have going on now. Meanwhile the fight about what else to plant continues. And the yellow flowers-wala creeper seems intent on overrunning not only our house, but our neighbour's house as well - on either side.

That's all I got to say now. Watch this space.

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