Thursday, 30 January 2014

The things we obsess over...

We are having these really awesome conversations these days, child & I. I feel a bit embarrassed to document them for public consumption - 'cause I sound idiotic. Oops. Honestly, at times it's a bit frustrating and of course I am always right, you all know that, but still, overall kind of amazing, this ride.

Despite the fact that I hate driving and feel relieved big time when husband is around and I don't have to, it's those moments when we are driving together alone that are the most fun. Sometimes, I have yelled my head off before and use the opportunity of the drive to cool down a bit and have a long chat about right and wrong and whatever. But the normal times are the most fun...

We talk about anything and everything. I try to keep the advice down to a minimum ('cause she doesn't listen anyhow) and we just..discuss stuff. After we dispense with the usual complaints about the various classmates and teachers, we latch onto some random topic and talk.

Earlier this week, she came back from school with an ink spot on her cheek. I should have remembered all the 'literary females' of P G Wodehouse, but for some reason, I said "Bloodstains on the carpet" - almost to myself, I think. I was distracted, with one or the other thing and just blurted it out.

Of course it started a whole thing and now, we are listening to Michael Jackson (and also, watching him on youtube) and having a lot of laughs. So far, she has only discovered Smooth Criminal and Thriller but has many things to say. Apparently the zombies are incorrect in the video. As are the monsters, which apparently 'look fake'.

The final nail in the coffin of Generation Gap hitting me in the eye is when she comments (despite the smallness of the iPhone screen) that his dancing is crap. I mean. Wasn't he like the best dancer we ever saw in our whole lives? I practiced the Moon Walk for hours, didn't I? (to no avail). I even bought a cassette of "Bad" and we were all so excited about it..

Sherlock Holmes (Old, New, TV Series, Books); Josh (songs only); Swiss Family Robinson; and arbitrary songs sung by that fellow Vijay - these and other obsessions fill our day and conversations of late. Only a matter of time before we move on to Wodehouse and the ink-spot is drawn on purpose? 


Marie said...

I can't wait until my kids are old enough to tell me the music I like is lame.

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

Is only a matter of time Marie!